The  Preliminary  Preamble

  and or Preparatory



Poetically and Metaphorically

From Here On,  I Want To Consider This Website To Be

Of Michael, The Archangels Battle Of Fighting 

To  Defeat The  Devil's  Evil  By  Writing,

But keep in Mind  that Evil Warns  From Many Forms 

To  Be  Aware    Of  Its  Snare    Of  Robbing

Your Soul    From Your Control.


Forewarning, I’m Sorry if I Offended and or Hurt Your Feelings Due To My Straightforwardness Thereof This Overdue, Yet Urgent Subject Matter, But I’m Only Trying to Save the Souls of Human Beings “Including, Maybe Yours” From This Outcome of the Same Truth, Reality and Surrender to its Tempter of the Fruit and or  – From That Same Damn Wicked Tree – That Won't Set  Free From the Clutches of that,  As Written, because A Soul a Day  Will Console Him  To Stay! 


The Poultry Of Thy Kingdom Come

Proudly,  May Think Of Yourself As The Smartest Person On Planet Earth, But Humbly, If Are Wise You’ll Not Need To Be Smart, Because Smart Can MisLead  From One Lie Into Another Lie Until  Die Leading  To Wondering Why?, – But If  Are Wise It Can Lead  Into  THY KINGDOM COME. – Where Thy Will Can And Will Be Done Here On Earth Just As It Is In HEAVEN. – In Other Words, Wisdom Is The Humble Way To Reach And Enter Into Thy KINGDOM COME  To Where Everything Will Be Fun For Thy Will To Be Done And That’s No Lie To Never Ever Have To Wonder Why That  Just Die?!.



So, Make No Mistake  That This Is My Battle Being Fought Between GOOD and Evil That First Began In HEAVEN In the War Against Lucifer GOD'S Traitorous Arch Enemy Better Known Today as Satan The, DevilUnder The Evil Soulless Spirit of Donald Trump and the Only Difference Between Donald Trump and Lucifer  Is That He Got Inherently, Incoherently, Un-IntelligentlyDumber than DumbStupiderSo, What Does That Say About All of His Victimized  Naïve, But Unabashed Stupid Ass Followers, ? Well, In Other Words, I Would have to say, Stupid-Moron-Mindless-Minions Wouldn't ? – As  Can See, That I Have No Respect Nor Forgiveness For Evil In People, NONE, Because They Willingly Choose To BeWhat They AreAs His Stupid Suckers →   Hell Bound – Where They'll Forever Be Found . Now, Tell Me That – This Isn't Stupid When They Could've Chosen The Gates Into HEAVEN    !


Remember, That It Was Lucifer's Fascination With The Wisdom and Beauty of Himself That Egotistically Went To His Head With the Arrogance and Pride that He Couldn't Hide  To Where He Could No Longer Worship His LOVING CREATOR, GOD, Who Was Good To Him, but With the Audacity To Be Worshiped Himself as GOD  That Only Belongs To The True, CREATOR of The Almighty GOD  Who Also CREATED the Universe of All That There Is, Was and Will Ever Be  that Has To Do With  and Me Throughout The Unmatched/Superlative to where  Through HIS Divine Science. – To Be Noted  Just The Way That Albert Einstein Once Quoted,However, Likewise, The Opposite Is True To Me   Hence, The More I Study GOD, Is The More I Believe In Albert Einstein's Science. – WellIt's Hard To Ignore Words  That Leads To and or Are Of The Same Thing  Backwards and Forwards That Gets To The Gest Of It  In The Way Duplicates Fits!



Again, Please Keep In Mind That It Was In HEAVEN When Lucifer First Started That War Of Evil In The First Place By Attempting a Coup To Overthrow GOD'S Sovereignty  Thus Convince All The Other Angels of GOD'S to Follow Him Instead of Their Almighty CREATOR of GOD  That He Once Worshiped  of Which He Shamefully Knew That GOD Created and Ranked Him Above and Beyond All the Other Angels  Yet, Again, Still Held His Devious Wicked Planning Of Deceptive Campaigns and Rallies to Promote Himself To Be Worshiped Insted. – Note; (Consider What Donald Trump Is Doing RIGHT NOW, TODAY! With His Unabashed Out And Out Wicked Lying and Deceiving Throughout His, Again Campaigns of Inherent Incoherent  Verbal Stupidity that Leaves  Scratching Your Head Full of Confusion To What He Was Incoherently Saying and Talking About  ?).  "Now let's see if I can do on this Asian trip as I did. Below Ha ha ha ha" → !


Oh Well, Come On, Think About It After All, It's Your Soul That He Controls, – But Hey, Not To Worry Because, There's Plenty Of Room, And Or Space In Hell  To Accommodate  To    With IT  ! –


Look, So That There Is No Misinterpretation,  I'm Not Comparing Donald Trump With Satan, The Devil  Not At All. – I'm Saying, That He Most Certainly IS Satan The Devil    On Every Single Level of Their own Evil!


Long Story Short. By the Time He Won Over a Third of Those Gullible Angels Over To His Side of Thinking. – He Got His Deceptive Wicked Ass Kicked Out of HEAVEN By GOD'S World War II's Gen Patton or MacArthur (So To Speak), Michael the Archangel. – AgainSatan Along With His Foolish Fallen Angels Got Cast Out With Him At The Same Time As Demons  To Do Their Wicked Planning of Havoc  (As The Bible Says), Right Here On Our Planet Earth. –


AgainLook, Donald Trump Is The Exact Identical Descriptive Image In Every Single Way of Lucifer Only Stupider As Anyone With The Common Sense of an Open Sound Track Mind Could Readily Detect and Find. – Sure, He and His Mindless Minions Might Have Won Their Fair Share of Wicked Battles In The Past, but They Are Most Certainly  Going To Lose The War That Lucifer Along With His Mindless Minions Started Hopefully "SOON"! Only This Time Get Their Wicked Asses Kicked Off Of Our Constrained and Controlled Planet Earth Into The Depths Of Hell  Fire  Then, Glory Glory Hallelujah, The Saints Will Go Marching On  The Freedom Of Our Newly Born, Planet Earth Just As It Is In HEAVEN!


Last But Not Least, NO SIR, YES SIR!  GOD'S Enemy Is Mine To Define Throughout My Essays, But Particularly With This One, → Warning,  Had Better Wake Up and Smell the Roses. – Before That Gate  That Awaits Behind You Closes! – To Be Done!                                                                                                       

Walkng in the Air


Rose Out from  the Dark - then into the Light Ensued My Flight

from the Stars at  Night --- back to  the Site --- of where You

 will Find  ---- where My Heart will be   ---- as an Disciple 

 of "God" and as to be the Devil's Dreaded Enemy.

 I am Here for You where Everything is True 

 All You need to Do -- is to Seek and You 

   Shall Find your Heart  -  that is True 

  Within You with Insight Right 

  Here On My "Website"



   Is an Accolade of Words 

   Associated with HonestyMorality,

   Nobility, Reliability, Veracity, Dependability,

   Dignity,  Honor,  Respect, Uprightness,   Principled,

   Truthfulness, Righteousness, RightnessAdmiration, Devotion

   Image and Reputation for what you   Stand For within

  the Dignity of what is Loyal,   Good,  Decent

   and True in Everything that You Do.

Without - You're in Doubt


Perhaps  an  Idle/Lazy   Naught  for Nothing


can Rather  be Revived  into  an Attainable Thought


for  Something  to  Bear  Fruit  into  an  Outcome  of  Wisdom  For


A Heart that is True will Think Things Through


with   a   Mindset   Focused   on  Principles

that are Motivated by God's.

                                                                                                                                                               – – – – – – – – – – – –


– – – – – – –


– – –





 I’m   Not   Religious  I’m  Indigenous  to  the  Behavior  of

My Savior Money is like a Cult of an Insult

To  the  Sincerity  of  my  Integrity

That I Say to You to

Be True.

  Yes, I am Rich Not 

Poor   in  Accord  with  My



But, Even So, You Know, an Upright Character is an Important Ingredient in any persons life. Character is the Guard of your Reputation and a Necessity for Success in Any Sphere of Life. Without it, Nations, Governments, Businesses, Churches, and Families Crumble and Fall into the Decay of Moral Disarray. However, Important as Character isIt'Parent is living up to its Integrity and mind yathat the word of Integrity Occurs Sixteen Times in the Bible, and is without a doubt one of the Most Important Words in the Scriptures. Can you Imagine of what Our World would be like Living Up to and with it's Honor and Respect throughout the Presence of Our Lives Wouldn't that be like an Enactor of a Major Factor of Peace on Earth and Goodwill Towards Man? Yet, Biblically, We are the only Capable, but Unreliable Living Species on our Planet Earth that Disobeys and Mocks the Meaning of it  due to the Gluttony of Our Lame Brians Selfish Gain.  – 

John MacArthur:

Why Does GOD Allow So Much Suffering and Evil?



Look, Im sorry, but it Is what it Is  just as it has Always Been as We've Caved In On Sin and So – with No Excuse – for Our Immoral Abuse The Blame is on our Chosen Shame, Ought the Honey    But the Root of this DISCUSSION is to stop_corruption.jpg


The thing is as simply put to get to the Root of the Principles that are True will Always be True to  So, if Abstain from the Integrity from which GOD GivesHIS True Principles to Live by HIS Works of Decency to Do GOOD  over to the Sin-ciple Unprinciples that the Devil Givesto Do His Works of Evil    thenLive for and by the  Devils  Code  –  that will Never Unfold Over to be on the Level  –  to be True to NEVER



You know, as Ludicrous as its been, it has been an Exasperation of my Imagination for me to Untangle All of the Bojangles of Connections to my Imperfections of Qualifications that Haunts the Nobility of my Dignity to Perform in the Norm of the Integrity of My Character, but Poetically Speaking, the Only Conclusion without Pity that Likens to the Lucidity in me, is that > GOD > has Indeed Chosen me to Write what I Write Enlight of my Website, because HE Knows my Heart to be True In Lou forand for Me to Succeed  in Sheding Light on what is Right as forto Heed whatShould Read before it’s Too Late for to Escape from the Ignorance of the Bait – of being Among the Lying Tongue to your Fate to Hell's Gate that GOD Exceedingly Hates forto Ignore – This Battle of War between GOOD and Evil Fought with the Devil forto Defeat His Control Over Your Soul  So that the Victory Can be Yours with Open Doors as Forever GivenInto the Garden of Heaven. – Observe, that the Writing Has Been All Along on Your Wall As to the Rise or Fall of it Allto Choose to Win or Lose! Oh Well, It's Still Either Heaven or Hell. Your Choice?


I've Done my Part to Try to Reach the Wisdom of your Heart

As Designed, Composed and Written by Me

 Donald  Johnson



  Caution,are about to Enter Into the No Lie Zone – "Where The Truth Matters". So, for a better Understanding before I get Started, Id like to Introduce myself to give a Little Heads Up of an Insight to What, How, and the Reason Why that  May Think is for the Goofy Way I Think Write  and If So – then Believe me, Youre Going To Need It, as I'm not an Learned Writer as You'll See Per se – So, I Poetically Compose, Punctuate and Sculpture Words that Rhyme in Sentences that I Design to be Different and Unique forto Hopefully Seek and to Miraculously Remember with the Foresight to Think. – In other words, It's not your Typical Reading and Writing that a Scholar would be Used To. – Take a Song for Instances. – The Lyrics Usually Rhymes in Tune with It's Message and Its Message in Harmony with It's Music and as the Music Flows So Goes the Message for a Song to Belong to the Memory of a Tune to Remember Beyond the Moment in Time of a Calendar by Design.


  Essentially, The Fact of the Act; as to Set the Record Straight from the Beginning as of the Now and or the Late A Rhyme without a Reason Is a Reason without a Rhyme and to me that is a Crime thats Not Mine to Entwine  As Youll Find in All of the Sightings of my Writings and thats the Poetry in Motion to my Devotion to this Website that Doth or Doth Not Take Sides and or Discriminate between what is RIGHT from Wrong that has to do with what is GOOD from Bad to Evil of Thinking Behavior  Against my Savior, JESUS CHRIST. – The Fact is is that It Doth Not Lie Against the Truth  as did the Assassin of John Wilkes Booth Nor Does it Matter to WhoAre Near or Far, – or WhereAre from Smart or Dumb, and or Even if  are Rich or Poor. – Because, In the End, This Website will Not Ignore the Fact over the Act that is True Lincoln said As Do I  that if the Shoe Fits the Fact then the Act Doth Fit the Idiot with no Apology Rendered from Me  for GOD"S Long Departed Enemy of the DEVIL – of and from the BEFORE, AFTER and the PRESENT as of the NOW  that's Been Contaminating  the Spreading  of that EVIL FOUL  that  Pervades Societies  Best just as an Assassin would Murder an Unsuspecting Guest! – Only TRUE Believers Can See The Signs - YouTube


  Look, I Don’t Seek to Hide from My Feelings Inside  So Why Should I Play Hide and Seek from My Belief to be what is True on the Outside with the Most Important Things In My Life?After all, A Heart that Hides means that there is Nothing Inside  Everyone likes to talk about the Things that they Love and Believe in the most, but not Everyone Wants to Verbally Hear about it RIGHT? So thats Why I Write it So thatcan Decide it, But know this, that youll Never be Able to Seek the Truth for Yourself if you Don't Know what the Truth is? Common Sense with Logic is a key Factor forto Read andwere Given a Brain to Think with So, NOW, Use It  For  Your  Best  Interest      Without  Playing  a   Peekaboo  Child's  Game  of,   Hide  and  Seek,  but  to Grow Up to Seek as a Winner for your Soul to Reap – from being a Sinner


  To Expound upon the Checks and Balances between what is Right from Wrong Doing and Thinking. – We as Human Beings with a Heart, Mind and Soul have GOOD, Bad and With the Potential of Doing Evil in ALL of Us – that Began with the Fall of Adam and Eves Temptation by that Sleazy-Sneaky-Sly-Snaky in that Tree in the Garden of what I Call, Temptation  where (Genesis 3:1-3) GOD Commanded Adam and Eve NOT to EAT of that Tree of the Knowledge of GOOD and Evil – Notice, that GOD Didnt Mention Anything about the Bad – (Continue to Read on to Know Why) So our Battles Are Not Fought Between One Another's Beliefs in as much as it is Through, Political Parties, Religions and or ANY OTHER Dissensions Between One Anothers Disagreeable Intentions. – Indeed, it is about GOOD and Evil in all of We, the Human Species Soul of Their Actions of Behavior Whereas, GOOD Battles Evil between the Ongoing War of GOD versus HIS Nemesis of the Devil that keeps us Battling between one anothers Views as Being the Devil’s Ongoing Ignorant Fools. – Like the Fallen Angels were in  HEAVEN     to the same Hissy Sound of the Devil    So Beware of the Bate of that Sly Wily Snake  that  would  Allure to His Hell's Gate – Where There can Be No Escape.


  Indeed, if I were to Tellthat Ive Always Had a Guardian Angel Protecting, Teaching and Guiding me throughout my Life just as I'm being Guided in Writing this Website in using my own thoughts from the Feelings of my Heart to put it Together  Then most of  would not believe in me, yet, this is exactly what Im Tellingto be True and Again, by all means I am not an Educated Writer as  can see ; So please dont expect me to put all the Dots in the Right Slots, but in the Wrong Spots to be Spot OnBut to Guide me through to what I am Trying to Say and Do without being Pointless to the Subject Matter with the Correct Spelling of Words that God Knows that I will Ultimately Find and use Correctly. – Sort of like a Four Year Old Child Learning How to Read Words in Sentences such as, "I saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus Outside the Clauset", or "Well, I'll be Doggon that that Doggone Mouse Ate My Would Be Cookie", – or "To get their Thrill, Jack and Jill Ran up the Hill to pick Red Berries and to Fetch a Pail of Water All for Harry Potter", and or "My Doggie Spot was Chasing Tini Tot Cats up the Tree – So They Could Pee Onand Me", and or "Mary had a Little Lamb and its Fleece was Black as Snow,   but  Everywhere  that Damb Lamb would Go   Just  like  my  Doggie  Spot  Took

His Shot  that Damb Grass just Would Not Grow."!


  Again, Unfortunately, MOST People will Not Want to Believe in Me, because Believing is the Relieving the Lifestyles of the Comfortable who Doesn't Want to Know, Hear and or Read the Truth in the WAY I Present in My Writings  ESPECIALY Those who Think they Know Me Personally– So, Please be Aware that this Website Isn't being Written just to makeRich, Happy, Sappy and Pleased It is being Written to make  Timely, SAVVY, Wise and Relieved  Against the Evil of Within  Fought with the Devil to Win  So be Healthy and Wise and Stay Away from those Alluring Sleazy Lies  that would Test the Integrity of the Character of Who  Are, because  are what Follow and Don’t Want to Follow the Ailing of those Evil Lies, because the Lying Tongue is One of the 12 Major Abominations that GOD Hates the most in All of Us as a Human Species with a Soul. – There are 12 Major Abominations that GOD Hates the Most in Regards to Sin.

  Again to Reiterate in Simple Terms, We were ALL Born with a GOOD, Bad and with the Potential of an Evil Seed to breed and the Devil’s Diabolical Goal is to Rob Your Soul Like His Remote Control Toy to Enjoy and it is my Goal to Warn Your Soul to makeAware of the Devil's Snare to Deceive Thee,There.

  You Know, the Trouble with We, the Human Species with a Free Will to Choose Our Own Way of Direction  Is that We Tend to Get Lost where we can't See Through the Forest  Due to the Fruit of the Massive Trees that Leaves Us to be Blind through Temptation  So, Our Priorities get Lost and Confused in Which Way To Go  and So we Tend to Settle for the Meaningless Events of the Day – That Sways Us Far Away From Finding Our Way – to the Rather's of What Really Matters – to Our Settlement  of Finding JESUS as Our LORD and SAVIOR from Our Misguided Route of Bad Behavior. –

• FolksSadly to Say – I'm telling you that  with all Things Considered that JESUS CHRIST IS THE ONLY WAY TO SAVE OUR DAY  Because to my Opinionis that the Devil has Taken Total Control over the Majority of the Integrity of our Souls of Behavior over our SAVIOR – And to that Extent, I really can't Imagine that HIS Coming Will Be Soon to JUDGE the Evil to Doom. – like No Other Time of the Completion of our Histories Prophecy!.

• Last but not Least, Truly, as to be Honest with, Most People that Ive Known Personally Particularly to the Extant with Family  Didnt, Doesnand Still Dont Understand the Likes of Me for Being Me, because, on Ill-Timed Inopportune Moments Ive Ended up Absentmindedly Saying whats on my Mind thats Often Been Misconstrued for being Uncommon and Unkind Leading me to Realize to a Extent that I Do Not Belong with People In General, because the General Court-Martial's Me for Being Me Oh Well So Be It, but so Not to be RudeI'll have to Conclude that You can Smirk, Laugh and or Grin all you want Behind My Back from what you Think I Lack in the Intellect of what I Write, but in the End,  Will Surely Lose and I Will Surely Win with what I Write Enlight of GOD’S Sight Against – There are 12 Major Abominations that GOD Hates the Most in Regards to Sin.  and thats Really all that Matters to Me as to get HIS Message to Thee In other words,to where Everything is Personally and Poetically Truebut Than, it doesn't take a Doctor's Degree for GOD to Agree with Me Amen!

 The Gospel of John | Full Movie | 




As  For  Me, 


l  Will Never Treat 


Jesus  The  Son  Of  God


As    Second   Place  To  A  Priority 


Designed, Composed and Written by, Me,




Donald Lee, Johnson


God’s Mathematics is Elementary my dear Watson



Warren Buffett 

Now to Begin, Look, I can't Think of a Better Way to Start the Genesis of my Website than to Say thatare about to Enter into the No Lie Zone where the Truth Matters. My name is Don L Johnson, and I, like the Cherub of Fiery Stones have a Wealth of Information to offer to, just for the Cost of an Open Mind with Wisdom of Kind to Realize it right here on this, my Website – Just aswill Find these Truths to be Self Evident Way Beyond the Academic Conjecture of Confusion into the Aspects of the Solution for the Architectural Design of the Universe wherewill Find it’s Creator, God of the Heavenly Host of His Son, Jesus Christ”, the Savior Who Excruciatingly Died on that Cross in the Worst Way for you to be Forgiven for Your Sins within the Integrity of Your Heart. – Just Ask and you Shall Receive the Best and Only Inoculation to be Forgiven for your Sins, to where your Life Truly Begins as to be True to Yourself, thus True to your SaviorJesus Christ, the Son of God. – Thy kingdom come


 You Know, Sometimes Long Sentences Conveys Short Stories of I Opening Open-Minded Revelations to the Understanding of Subject Matters without Any Breakup to Meaningful Sentences of its Importance – as of All of the Above and All of the Below and Further on Beyond for All You Should Know, but just keep in Mind that, my Main Goal is to Try to Save Your Soul from God'ArchEnemy of the Devil's Control   



• Sometimes a Little Rhyme with a Riddle can be Combined with a Fiddle when are Fiddling Around with the Sound that’s Only in Tune with Phony Buffoons that arent so Funny for being so Cunning by the Honey  Led to the Entrapment of the Five Fingers of Evil, 1-Money, 2-Power, 3-Greed, 4-Ignorance and 5-Hate  that Shakes Hands with the Devil Bait  andcan Bee  sure of that. Indeed, If not Aware Like This Bear, could be Among Those Whose been Stung by the Queen of the Hop that wont Stop from Stinging from Bumbling to Close to the 5 of Their Hive. So Metaphorically, as an Analogy of my Story is that – this is not about a Fable of a Bear, and  a Bee in a Log of a Tree Nesting Alone in the Cone of its Honey. – NO! This is about Poetic Justice – whereashave to Pay for that Honey with your own Money Instead of Lying, Cheating and or Stealing it – or does it take a Swarm of Honey-Bees Chasing and or too – Come-on, It doesn't take a Cartoon of a Buffoon – in order to  Get ItDoes It? – Nonetheless,can be Assured to the Fact of Reality – that there is Going to Be a Payday on Judgment Day for –ALL Who Purposely Doesn't Want To Get It  So Sayeth the Written Word in the BIBLE!  


 Can Bee Whatever Choose to Beebut can Bee Sure 

  that the BIBLE DOES NOT LIE and Neither do I – Look, I 

Might    Tell    a     LITTLE Fib     or   Two   every   Now   

 and   Then,   but Never out of Selfish Gain.  

As  Serious  as  it  is, this Website

  is   NOT    One    of   Them

Not One Word 


 Look, I'm not one of those Hypocritical False Prophets asking for your Money, because that would Indeed be the Ultimate Insult that would go Against the Love of what God stands for in Sacrificing His SonJesus Christ Who Severely Suffered and Died on that Cross that Day on Calvary to PAY for our Sins. – It Sickens me to Realize that there are so many of them Deceiving a Wealth of Money off of the Hearts, Mind and Souls of the Gullible. – and the Political Politicians (ALL) do exactly the Same Thing for the Same Reason like Leeches to BloodmoneyI'm just Saying, because it Really Pisses me off. – To me, there is Nothing Lower than what Belongs in a Sewer as these FoulPoor Examples – of what Integrity stands for as, DECENT GOOD Human Souls DoRepresentation without Heart – is Heart without Soul! – and a Heart without a Soul is to where Hell You should GoDLJ 

 So, to be more like a Cupid must Act Stupid, but Act Smart within the Virtue of your Heart that Reveals Love – not Hate for which is the Stupidest Mistake that you can Make – for God's Take – DLJ

 So, does God Hate? well, you bet your Bottom Dollar that He does – It might seem a little Contrary, that God, who is of Love can also Hate. Yet, that is exactly what the Bible says is TrueGod is Love (1John 4:8), and God Hate's (Hosea 9:15). God'is Love – He always does what's best for others – and He Hate's what is Contrary to His Nature – Just as He Hate's what is Contrary to His Love.   

 To Begin from Within, the Ultimate Sins are from within the 5 fingers of Evil that Shakes Hands with the Devil for Money, Power, Greed, Ignorance and Hate within the Unethical World of Wealth, Politics and False Profits for the Rich and the Wealthy – That's not Healthy with 7 Others of Deceit to Defeat that God Hates most as in the #1–The Proud, ArrogantHaughty Eyes with a Cocky Mouth, #2–The Lying Tongue Among the Old and Young, #3–Violence against the Innocent and or Hands that Shed Innocent Blood, #4–Evil Planning as in the Heart that Devises Wicked Plans, #5–Feet that are Swift and or Quick in Running To Do Evil, #6–A False Witness Who Speaketh Lies as in the Hypocricy and Duplicity of  False Prophets – and Last but Not Least, – #7–One Who Sows Discord Among Brethren – In other words, as in You and Me to Become Enemies. –

 Look, I must say that everyone of these Dreadful Sins Describes Donald Trump to a "T" – I mean, EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM! and the only one that Matches Lucifer, is Donald Trump who got much Stupider as Satan, the Devil – So what does that say about His Followers as Mindless Minions in doing His Havoc of Dirty Deeds? I'm just Conveying what I'm Saying Through Common Sense – that Makes Sense. – Read it in the Bible! 

• Indeed, to put it Bluntly – if your Heart is True, then Reading will be Believing – what The Bible says that He and His Demon Followers were Cast Out of Heaven to Earth – to do Havoc on it – So Who and Where Are They? Particularly as of Lately – Come on, it only takes a Brain the Size of a Marble to Figure out what Trump is all about. – The Story of Lucifer is the Same Story of Trump. 


• As corny as it may sound, this may be a little Harshly Put in Language Begotten with Insult and Disrespect, but the way I see it, when All is Said and Done without Thought and Fear of None - It’s what Condition my Condition would be Detrimentally to my future – that I Would Consider Considerably in Weighing in the Worth of my Honor and Dignity to be More Valuable than a Resort of a Never Ending Vacation in Hell where there are No Air Conditioners. – To my Estimation, Its not a Hell-of-a Place to Go that I would Consider a-do to be Cool enough to Dare let alone to Bear! – DLJ



– – –


That said with


All Things Considered,


I Contend that Donald Trump


is Indeed Satan, the Devil – that Once was


Lucifer,  There is Absolutely 


No Doubt in my Mind


about that and




   Who Follow will  be Swallowed into

  the Pits of Hell

    And  Can  Bet  your  Bottom Bippies  on that  Jack!,

_22trup  is satan_-_paradise_lost_in_washington_dc22_2019.pdf


Lastly, I'd like to finish off this segment by saying that there Have been many Unruly Naysayers who have gotten Covid 19 as well as Family and Friend and Wished that they would have gotten Their shot only to be too late to wait for the damage to arrive On their time. Many have suffered in Died because of their Negative attitude Towards the obvious.


Well, the same goes for the caveat of what I'm trying to get through to you that Jesus could be here any time soon as of today, tomorrow, next month and or even next year, any way you look at it – All the signs points to our time – if you're to late To escape, Well, it's because you shook hands with the devil Who took Control over your Soul – And the only way that you can released is by Jesus Christ – John 3.3 except a man be born again He can never enter the kingdom of God. There you go, I've done the best I could to get through to the Ascension of your Attention to Disappoint the Devil's Intention – to keep your Mind Going – as Busy as His Bee!


It Won't Be long Before He gets His Ass Kicked –

All at Once and Once and for All of Eternity –

as the Lord is the only one that can and will do it.




Nicolas Copernicus


If Only of LateFor Heavens Sake


  First and foremost, and above all else, I want you to know that – I Owe my All to Write this Website to the Man Upstairs who was always there with my Guardian Angel During my Times of Hopeless Despair throughout the Strife in my Life – So my Faith is Absolute – Just as Absolute is to my Faith in God, Jesus and or my Guardian Angel – But Absolutely not in People!

 Look, if you Truly Believe in God within your Heart – as I do, then you will be Openly able to Relate to that Subject Matter in Ordinary Conversations without the Awkwardness and or the Self-Consciousness of being Tagged as a Religious Fanatic and or what some call a Jesus freak, so to speak – on either side of the Dialogue. Understanding is Believing – and Believing – is Belonging to Subject Matters – Thereof – that Matter – to Subjects of Seriousness from the Heart – Such is my Open Faith in my Lord – without Ignorantly being Advertised as Unjustifiably Stigmatized. in case you don't know what a true Jesus freak is really all about – Well, it is of a Freak who follows Freaky False Prophets – Who Profits from Preaching from the Devil's Deception to Steal Control over Unwitting Souls. 

• Look, My Interpretation of a Freak is of an Abnormality of a Fiend, Fanatic and or Enthusiast Mutant – a Distortion of the Human Soul that’s out of control of it’s faculties to think Intelligently! in other words, Jesus has nothing to do with it "PERIOD" for a Freak is a Freaken Freak of a Masquerade of a Trick or Treat – that doesn't know how to Retreat – from a Misrepresentation of Truth and Reality – just as an Algorithm is to the Embarrassment to the Functionality of the Human Brain to Think Properly.

 There is Nothing Awkward in the way I Openly Relate to God. – In person, I don’t Forcefully Preach it and nor do I Normally Hide it in Ordinary Conversations of Relevance, But on the other hand – on my Website, I do Practice what I Preach – then Teach what I Practice – within Things that are True – from Me to You – without any Contact – in the Sightings of my Writings. it's a Philosophical Question – Whereas, – I Write it – then you Decide it – It's your Choice.

 NO WAY! – but True as it is, It's a Miracle of How I Survived by Staying Alive to Tell my Story – Just as I know that I've Cheated Death at least Seven Times that I know of, but Alaguzam here I still Am to be able to Tell it – through Writing it – right here, on my Website – in Lieu of of Everything of being True. – Keep in Mind that – An Open Mind can Lead to Believing. While a Closed Mind can be easily Led to Deceiving. 


 This Website is for the Good People with Good Hearts who Doesn’t Know their Mistake of being Deceived into Following the Great Deceiver who have Already Deceived a Third of All the Angels that were Cast Out of Heaven as Demons to here on Earth to do the Devil’s Deeds of Havoc on it. The Devil’s Main Goal – is to Defeat God by Stealing our Soul over to His Control. Like I’ve already said, that I consider my Website as Powerful Words of the Archangel of Michael's to Defeat the Devil's Deceit – by making you Conscious to be Aware and Pay Close and Particular Attention to His Trickery of Temptation for His Victory to Be over Thee,  Again, keep in mind that  are whatFollow, thus, if follow Evil – then to be Evil – that’s of the Devil and the Devil is God's Hated Arch Enemy. There is No Room for Good and Evil in your Life, because it’ll be a Constant Battle thatcan’t Win, where you’ll Continue to Sin – against Jesus Christ, who Died to defeat it that Terrible Unbearable Day on the Cross. The Question Is – is not Quiz – in what Should Choose to do – to Save Your Soul – from the Deceit of the Devil’s Control – to get through – to Your Heart of the Matter – that Is what Matters! 

  Said, It doesn’t matter, I don’t Call the Equipment – I Equip the Called – Write it in the way, you’ll do Best, and I’ll Help to Guide you through the Rest. – And that’s what I’ve been doing ever since I Unenthusiastically Started this Website – approximately 20 years ago. – And so – You know, during that Early Period of Time, Albert Einstein had a Famous Quote that came to me that said, “An Education is what Remains after one has Forgotten Everything that He has Learned in School” Well, that is Factually True, because I was a Ninth Grade Dropout, Not by Choice But, through the Survival of my Fittest – So with the Genius of Albert Einstein’s Encouragement in Mind. – I then Realized that the only thing that really Mattered that I Learned in School that was Vitally True was Reading and Writing and Learning Mathematically of what 2 and 2 is For – in Every Sense of my Biographical Lifelong Score and I’m still Learning – Class + by Class + by Class + by Class = 4 + So you see – I Do know my Score – of what my Life – is Really For – as to Forevermore – Knock on your Door – Just as Poet – would Know It – for me to Score it. 


 Picture this, that 1 Picture Can Paint a 1000 Words while the Sound of Music can Culm your Nerves that Gathers to Subject Matters. That said, Notably, and to a Great Extent or Degree of Me, as (Being a Lone Loner Owner) to what and all that I Write and Stand for just as a Person of  So, as the saying goes,  and that's Exactly what I'm going to do Hopefully for You and Me to Be in Harmony with one anothers Thought Process .


 That said, for future reference, I'd like for you to be a little more Au fait with Knowing a bit More about me and what I stand for in Contrast to a Would be Opposition of Falsehoods that Could Lead to Contradictions Unproven only to be Proven with More Logic, Evidence, Precision and or Justification of, in or through my Writings to Be and Feel True to.


• So too get to the Heart of the Matter – This, My Website is not Affiliated nor Asssociated with ANY and ALL of the so-called!, Political Parties, Cult, and or Worldwide Religions of Congregational Worshipers that Influences my Behavior of Decisions of how I Think. "Not a Narea one" As I Belong to Me, Myself and I that I Deeply Consider Wise to what I Write – that has to do with the Integrity of standing by and or Up for what is Right from Wrong and Good from Bad Thinking and Doing Between the Wisdom or Ignorance of your Choosing that has to do with  in the Ongoing Battle between God and the Devil of which will be Repeated Often throughout the Sightings of my Writings that has to do with all the things that God Hates the Most within our Chosen Souls. I say Souls, because that is the difference between us and other Species on Planet Earth – including, but not Excluding from it's Evolution of Natural Selection into the Perfect Perfection of We, the Human Species being Formed into God's Image with the Soul Purpose of Living a Life through the Integrity of doing what is Right from Wrong and Good from Bad Thinking upon Choosing then Doing – not for the Devil's Deeds, but for the Love of God's willful Needs to keep us from Sinning and the Devil from Winning the Battles of Evil – as will be Described throughout my Website more than Once, Twice, and or Three times not Maybe, but always with the intention of Integrity Thinking. No, Lionel Richie was Right to the Song of His Plight, but God will Return the Love Forever Fold – to be Forever Told.   


• That said, – So to Begin from Within, – Please be Aware that This Website is Not going to be about a Matter of, – Who We Are Near Or Far – nor – Where We’re From Smart or Dumb, – and or – Furthermore – even if We're  Rich Or Poor, – but for Heaven’s Sake – This Website will be About and or For – Your SOUL Purpose  of not being Fruitful  for Evil – if only to being Fruitful  for the Devil by the Choices you Make – Towards that Ultimate Mistake – of Climbing that TaintedInfected, Poison, Tree  that Ain't Free for the Picking – Let Alone Eating  to where You’ve Chosen your Fate Towards Hells  Gates of Regret. 


 Well, this Websites Only Purpose is to get through to  to Think Wisely and to Warn You to be True – if its Possible To Do – for Your Own Sake – Towards God's Invite – through Heavens Gate's  of Delight – instead of being Upset over a Betted Regret of a Mindset that's Led to a Loss with the Cost by Way of One Hell of a Price to Pay on  !  


 So, not to seem Heartless, like I said, my Mindset is to make you Think by Saying – Woe tofor being such a Fool, because in the End – You never Win – Especially when You're Gambling with your Life – as it is, instead of what should be – for a Jackpot of a Happy-Thankful-Destiny,  But, keep in mind that, 


And So my Enlightened Friends – I Say "The Hell With ItWhy be kept in the Dark? Just Reject that Needless Regret then You'll be Set to Focuse your Sight on God's Light of Forgiveness  So unto to this End I Say Amen – 

 Last Chance, for you Mindless Minions, did you not Get It?  or are you a little Dense – to what You've just Read – that Hence Makes Nothing – but Sense – to Anyone with a Heart of – Common Sense? – Oh Well

         Galilee Galileo  

  Nonetheless it's Decisively Best – that you Take Your Time to,  

Realize, that the Choices'make

 is  what  Determines  Your  Fate

 As the  Parallel to Either



 Doesn't  Flow

 from the Brain Down.

 It   Flows  from  the  Heart  Up

 Otherwise, You'll never know what's

 Up, because Everything will be

 Upside Down from the 

Bloody  Bloody



 As Written in the Philosophy of me

but Unfortunately for me the.

 more I study people, the

more I love my dog

   Who Fully Understands me for   me, for who I am Supposed to be.

  Don Lee, Johnson 

    三寸天堂 Three Inches of Heaven


If I had my Rather’s

The Confined Mind Result of Cult

it's a bunch of Hocus-Pocus – not to Learn to Focus



The Poetry From Me,

Donald Lee, Johnson

Tis to Be - or to - Blind to See - " That is the Question " - that is to be Said in the Mirror of the Archives of Our Lives - Well, Time will Tell when we will Gel with Either Heaven or Hell - by the Choices We Make - that will Determine - " At Last " - of Our Fate, - but Jesus Christ is the Way, the Truth and the Light - to where We Will Be Able to See Through Both Day and By Night the Imperfection of Our Daunting Reflection that Mirrors the Image of our Actions of being Wise or Dumb - that We so Need to Wake Up From - to See the Perfection of God's Reflection All we have to do - is to Lighten up - and Turn on His Light into Our Sight! - It's as easy as Switching the Switch in Our  Brain from being In Vain of the Mind Control that's been over your Soul - Otherwise, You'll Never Ever be able to See Through the Light that is so Bright for being the Best, of what is GoodDecent and True forthrough the Outcome of Wisdom - "As  To Get It",So, Get With it - To It - and Do It! - Said, Understanding is Knowing and Knowing is Going into the Right Direction with Said Perfection! - 

Okay, Come what May for  May Go To and Fro, but for Heavens Sake - Your Fates at Stake - Down Hither and Yon - so Turnaround from Heading Down into the Abyss of being Hell Bound where You'll Forever and Ever be Found  - and so - Unto this End - I'll Say - Goodbye and Amen!! 


Designed, Composed and Written by me,

Donald Lee, Johnson



I Practice what I Preach -


then Teach what I Practice - within Things that are True

- from Me To.



This is something that As a Rule - We Never Think About that should be of the Utmost Interest to our Thought Process and that is that You were Born as a Special Individual of God's Creation that Houses your Heart, Mind, Body and Soul and when your Heart Expires - so too does your Soul Retire from that House (Body) - you called your Home - where at Critical Times - you Left it all Alone, Empty and Behind - in Lieu of God's Point and View - Indeed, Priorities are Wise - if theyre not Disguised and Compromised of Full Lies. So keep in Mind to Not Be - Tongue-tied - Left Behind  - when Your Soul has Gone - to Marching On?



Truly, it is Inconceivable for Me to Believe as a Rule that most so-called  Ordinary Normal People Doesn't Get It nor Care about the Integrity of Truth “as in the Way Things Really Are True to Life”? - In other words, and or in either case, in Observance of Society as it Seems to Be Logically to Me - I have Observed that most of Society Doesn't Feel Comfortable Speaking within a Mindset of Truth and Reality that All Things have a Beginning and Ending - Starting from the Tree of Knowledge of the Root to the Fruit - Where Sin first Began - that Should Not have been Eaten - from the Garden of Eden - and so the Battle Begins Between Good and Evil - that Continues on - Right to This Very Day - in this Ongoing War - between God and the Devil through People of ALL WALKS of LIFE. 

Story of Lucifer


Because of the Significance of this Statement, I'm going to Repeat it Often Throughout Future Essays that Implies to it - Just as I Write it - and that is that - Even at Their Age of Four or Five in a Kindergartens  Math of Adding and Subtracting - they can Readily know what We Grown-ups have a Hard Time Learning - and that is if you Subtract the Letter D from the Devil's Name - it will answer to the Word of Evil - and if you take the Vowel of the Letter o and Add it to God's Name - it will answer to the Word of Good - and so it is Obvious that there is a Battle Going on between Good and Evil that's being Fought in a War between God and the Devil, Makes Sense?


That said, this Website Does Not Conform nor Forgive Evil - as a Norm of Any Way Shape or Form - and there is No-Notta an Excuse of an - in Between - for are either on God's  Side or the  Devil's - So - Which one DIDCHOOSE of what God Already Knows of  ?


Additionally, you will Find that - I dont Write in an Ordinary Text - in the Way you would Read in a So Called  Ordinary Manner of Wording - as my Lame-Brain Doesn’t Function in Conjunction that Way, but if you are Truly Looking for the Truth - then You Will Indeed - Figure It Out - What it’s All About of How to Read it as Poetically Written - with Scores and Scores of Metaphors - Comparable to Parables that Rhymes with the Times - In-Lieu of a New Attention for your Comprehension - to the Subject Matter that Doesn’t Flatter, but Does Matter to the Success of Your Thought Process - of Interpretation - into God's Perception.


And so as a little Insight to the Plight of My Fight as to Further Expound Upon  - No Matter Whether its your Majesty or Modesty - it’s still an Uneducated Guess to how youll Choose to Think of and or about me Knowledgeably from here on with Words that Matter to me - As I am not a Pulitzer Writer, but what I do Write - Is Right According to the Truth - The Whole Truth and Nothing but the Truth from my Heart - so Help me God, but It’s still up to you to Decipher it - According to your so called Intellect - That said, you’ll either Get it or you Won’t - So, What Will be - Will be - Makes no Difference to me - Said, Humbly - So from here on - I’ve Gone On to Writing More - that you May or May Not  Superciliously Persist to Ignore.


Yet, there has Never been a Place for me with People that I could Count on to be there when the Time Comes to Cover my Back - NEVER EVER - Not even Family that I Have Never had to Feel Wanted and Loved Ive even Felt Jealous over a Families Unconditional Love theyve had for their family pet, Cat and or a Dog - of which I've Understandably Felt Myself - But through the Course of Time, I Also Realize that I have Had a Guardian Angel by my Side All Along Guiding and Protecting me to Safety throughout my Life by Events that can't be "other words", to be Explained. again, I know that there is not a would be family member that believes in me Personally of what I Write, because they don't believe in me equally to Their Education seeing that I'm only a Dropout Ninth Grader, Thus the - Acronym P.H.O.N.E., and the Analogy of The Farmer In The Sell, - The Seven Steps towards Achievement, - Media, - and Achievement,


But I Have Always Been the Prof., Not the Derivative of the Highest Degree, because You Are How You Think and Perform in what you Do - Not in what you have learned in School! - That Said, as Per se "Albert Einstein, the Genius" put it in one His Famous "Quotes, - "An Education is what Remains after one has Forgot Everything that He Has Learned in School" - that said Again, Knowing is Believing and Believing is Accepting - what has been Proven to be True!. 


Any more than - at my Age of 76 - as an Idiom, I already Know that - Ive been “Deep Sixed” as an Nobody to Believe in - Meaning of a Slang for: Rejection, Unwanted, Discarded, Dismissed, Being Tossed Overboard, Tossed out - as a Burden, Nuisance, Liability, Inconvenience, Worry of an Unwanted Problem that Nobody Else wants to Contend with through the Heart and Love of Humankind and the Ignorance of Worth - and Yes, I Know that I Deserved Better, but that's Not to Be for Me - All I Know is that from the Time that I first Came Into This Cruel World - I;ll be Meaninglessly Leaving it - Oh well, in the End Ill also know that Ill be - Looking Down on it - for the Answers as to Know Why it was I – that was Needlessly Here – that is unless God is using me as His Tool to get Through to You, before its too Late for You to Escape from Hells Gate.



And So Now YOU Should Know and Realize "Yourself" that I haven't a Reason or Purpose to Fool You into Believing what I Write and Say through Words that DO Matter - At-least that Matters to ME - and as you can See - their is No WAY to Contact Me Personally - IS There? - So Why Should I Lie To You? - If You Are indeed - A Good Person - Then You Will Get It and Again, that's all that Really Truly Matters to Me. - Please Keep in Mind that I am not Asking for the Deceptive Greed of Money - that Negates the Integrity of what I Say and Do or Write - as in a Shameless False Prophet - for Profit.



So as for Me Being a Loner and all - Nobody Controls Me and My Way of Thinking that has to do with the Society of Religions, Politics and or any other would be Persuasive Social Uprisings of todays said Academic Conjecture of Confusion - Especially of the Conclusion of the following Links that Shamefully Stinks - about Evil in the Norm of its Truest Form.


US  Capitol  Secured  Four  Dead  after  Rioters  Stormed  the 

Halls of Congress to Block Biden's Win - done by the

Evil Skunk  of  the  Devil,  Donald Trump


Meet The Press Broadcast (Full) – January 10, 2020 -

Trump, Republicans Insight Crowd before Mob Store Capital

These Three House Republican Help Plan US Capital Attack


Look, I don't care Whoare to whetherare a Republican or not, but if are -have to know that they are Bought and Paid for by the Wealthy of the Rich - at your Expense and that makes them Untrustworthy Hypocrites to their Oath to Represent Your Foolish Best Interest - You know, I was once a Diehard Republican Myself until I got Wise to their DisguiseTo me, there is No Excuse for the Misuse of Foolish Thinking - As to Following those who would take Advantage ofand Yours. There is No Debate when I say that I am Strictly on the side of Integrity Thinking between what I Know to be Right from Wrong and Good from Bad to say the Least of Evil Thinking to be Had!


As well as  False Prophets of Religions and or Mindless Minions of Cult Like Radical Dissensions of Enemies of God and to what Integrity is all about. - Again and IndeedAs a Loner, I Belong to Me, Myself and I that Belongs to my Faith in God, the Father of Jesus Christ of which is my Lord and Savior - PERIOD! - and as being Grateful - I will Repeat this Often throughout my Website as the most Valuable Asset that I've Ever Owned! But, you know, Im not Perfect in any Way, Shape or Form either - I am simply a Sinner just like Adam and Eve - were in Their Time of Weaknessbut one of the things that really Bothers me most in a persons Ignorance - is when they Profess to be a Quote  Unquote Good Christian without Their Brain Attached to Their Thought Process by Blindly Following Evil Practices of the Hypocrisy of Propagating Religions and or Politicians of False Prophets Alike - which Goes way Beyond being of an ordinary Sinner - as they've Joined Forces Abetting with the Ultimate Enemy of God in His War between Good verses Evil Fought Against the Devil, Donald Trump! 



 White Evangelicals made a Deal with the Devil -

now what?





So No-Matter What-Ever  may Read or Think of me PersonallyImplicitly, Objectionably, Agreeably, Disrespectfully, and or Preferably Sublimely - Whether it be Lot or just a Little Bit - You’ll still be able to take it to the Bank and Cash It, because Integrity is the Same as being Attached to my Name - by simply Tellingthe Truth - the Whole Truth and Nothing but the Truth - so help me God-  - but more Importantly,



This Website isnt just about - Who We Are Near or Far - nor Where We’re From Smart or Dumb and or - if Your - Rich or Poor, in God's Eyes - Well, to be sure, We are only as Good as what our Integrity Stands to Be. - We are simply Autonomous Personalities - Who Live Our Live's by Choice, of being Right or Wrong, Good or Bad and or Evil to be Had on the same Level with the Devil  - into the Archives of our Lives and We will be Judged as Such - that Way - Per se. - Again, it's simply our Choice For the Same Reason that God- didn'Create us to Play Games with Mechanical Brains  .


Look, from here on

No one is Allowed to Destroy

 Their Lives on this, My Website, because

 it's My Solemn Duty to Savefrom Yourselves,

The following is for the Obstinate Recalcitrant of Lessons 

 to be Learned --- from their Failure to Discern the

Difference between  and the 

----- The Jeremiah Factor -----







 Look,  anyone  with  Common  Sense 

can Add 2 + 2 to be True to the Factor 

in this Ongoing War - between God and the Devil - 

Just ask Donald Trump who Doesn’t Even Know His ABCs, 

Yet, Still Lies and  Deceives among  Thieves 

TE= Even the Learning of a Pre-Kendergardens  Skill of a Four, Five or Six Year Old's Math of Adding+ and Subtracting- Letters of the Alphabet Can Alien with the One and only Simplest Answer such as the Letter D by Subtracting- it from the Devil’  Name of the SameAnswering= to the Word of "Evil" - then if you take the Vowel of the Letter O and Add+ it to God's-Name the Answer= will then be to the Word of Good, therefore, it only Makes Sense to a Pre-Kendergardens Skill of Learning - that there must be a Battle  Going on Between Good and Evil as being Fought through a War  Between God  and His- Nemesis Foe whereas the Devil  Goes - Oh-WellNo-Matter - What-Ever Your Learning Skills may be, It Still Doesn't Matter, because In the End God- will Win this Evil War Forever More - So, Right or Wrong - Which Side areOn!  - Because the Harsh Facts are that,

 can only Jell with Either,




The Categorical study between Good, Bad and Evil


1: - In Biblical Terms, Bad is the Broadest and Simplest Term: Not Good in any Manner of Degree when Falling into the Depths of the Devil’s  Temptation - Indeed, Good and Partly Bad Can be a Double-Edged/Two-Edged Sword; In other words, The Phrase is a situation with as many Bad Qualities or of Facts as in the Good Ones - as in taking the Good with the Bad.


2: Indeed - Sometimes theres more Good than Bad in a Person. In other words, Taking the Good with the Bad where Evil can be Had into an Unhappy State of Affairs where Things Go Wrong from Bad to Worse - Giving a Fault Sense of Reality where Mistake can be Had into going Bad.


3: - Originally Answered: What is the Difference between Good and Bad? Good is that which Maximizes Pleasure and Minimizes Pain for the most people. Bad are those things that are Further away from that, usually advancing a Selfish Cause at the Expense of Others.


4: - Evil is usually perceived as the Dualistic Antagonistic Opposite of Good, in which Good should Prevail and Evil should Fail to Defeat. ... Evil, in a general context, is the Absence or Opposite of that which is described as being Good.



5: - Evil applies to that which Violates or Leads to the Violation of Moral Law: Evil Practices. Ill now Appears Mainly in Certain Fixed Expressions, with a Milder Implication than that in Evil: Ill willIll-Natured. Wicked Implies Willful and Determined Doing of what is very Wrong - of a Wicked Plan or Planning.


In other words and in Simple Terms,


Evil is of Lucifer and Lucifer is of Satan and Satan is


of the Devil and the Devil is of Donald Trump - Sodon't be Stumped.



Wonder Why the Unthinkable just Happened in Washington DC

  Well the Same Thing Happened in  Heaven” see


when  Donald Trump  was  as  Lucifer Can Be,  


and with 87% Approval of

the Republican Party



 Lucifer  Devil




    Designed, Composed and Written by Me, 


  Don Lee Johnson



Francis    Bacon



Again, as to Elaborate on the Do’s and Whys of my Archive - As I've Grown Older - I've pretty much become a Loner throughout my Whole Inner-Most-Life - In fact, Ive been a total Failure of not Comfortably Fitting in Equally into Society Socially - Because of a Psychological Impairment Stemming from my Childhood Memoirs of Old that has never been Told of which caused it, but as the saying goes, “Ive took my Licks all the Way to my Now Age of 76, yet the Heart of the Matter - is that - My Tick-Tock Clock still Keeps on Ticking”, but Time is no Longer on my side because its Steadily Winding Down for me to meet the Ground - So there is no Time for me to Waste, but to make Haste to get Through tooof whatshould Do - to Save Your Soul from the Devil' Control.


As for me Indeed, I call myself a Christ-ian - because I Am - So it's Not a Matter of where I go to where there Maybe People that I Do or Do Not Know Personally, But this, my Website is not for me to Discourage Integrity Minded People to Where Ever they Should Go - But to Encourage Hearts and Minds to be there - True to Themselves with their Relationship to or with Jesus Christ then He Will Know that Your Heart is True and Pure to Him and Not to Those Godless - Hypocritical-Power/Hungry-Greedy-Deceitful-Charlottans Below, 


  It doesn’t make Anyone a Christ-ian by going to the Illusory Theatrics of 20 False Prophets of 2020 - YouTube” - “Joel Osteen House: Photos of His Shocking Houston Home! (”-  - - - The Trump Prophecy and the Evangelical Vote | Renegade Cut ↔


Any more than it does by going to a Movie Theater - make you a Movie Star - If Things are Not Factually True - then No matter how Inspiring things Are or Appear to Be - they will give a False Sense of Reasoning as to the Heart of Christianity's Believing, but Not through the Vanity of Deceiving - So keep in Mind that - Evil Feeds - Greedy Seeds - to where Money Profits - through False Prophetsthat Empties - the Gullibles Pockets  Televangelists Keep in Mind, that Churches - Do Not Pay Taxes - Because Taxes Repays through the Poles and the Poles Conveys to the Republicans


Last Week Tonight with, John Oliver HBO ↔


I would say that what Really bothers me the most about these two photos are  where they Couldn't Hardly Wait for Donald Trump Signing the Tax Cuts for the already Over Profited (Please excuse my French) Rich Son-of-a-Bitchion Gluttonous Wealthy 1% Percenter’s and the Rotten Potatoes of the Republican Aficionados - Please take Notice of the Satisfied Happy Smiles on their Heartless Dishonorable Traitorous Faces - Now, with that in Mind,  Please Think about the Tragedy of what's Happening today with the Coronavirus that is Literally Killing and Completely Wiping out Complete Familys from their Livelihood of Lifeline through No Fault of Their Own - of the Things that are Essential for Their Living Expenses - as in the Embarrassment of their Job loss, Paying their Bills, Rent and or their House Payment, Utilities and yes, even Buying Food on Time to Meet Their Deadline! - for their Table to Eat  -  - while these Heartless Good for Nothing Rotten Poor Excuses for what Humanity has to offer - Clapping their Hands for a Job Well Done for the Rich - That has Profited over a $1 Trillion Dollars since the Signing of their Tax Cuts - I mean Common, Look, I'm sorry that Im not acting very Christian like by Getting upset and Swearing as such but, Doesn’t this really Piss you off TOO? - In Good Faith - they were Elected to Represent We the People's best Interest - Then they have the Gull to Fall Prey to the Devil's Best Interest of, P.G.I.H. (Power, Greed, Ignorance and HateThrough the Devil's Bait of,  while they Act Unhappily Disgruntled and Move like a Turtle - when it comes down to Signing for a Bill to Help the S.O.S. - of the Needy Distress -


So Get load of this, Ted Cruz/Republican Caught Red-Handed In Corrupt Deal - And you can bet your bottom dollar that this is the main reason why the Republican Party Signed that Tax Cut Bill for the Rich - Hypocrisy in Motion - To their Devotion!


Look, I said it Once and I'll Say it Again and Again and Over and Over  - thatare WhatFollow and So Whether - Good, Bad or Evil - What  FollowSimply Are


You know, I don't get why the Lower to the Middle Class of which are of the Majority of Voters who Reelect those Greedy Son-of-a-Bitches back into office for which They've Shamelessly Corrupted in the first place? Are there that many Recalcitrant Narrow-Minded Ignorant Stupid People who Love to Follow the Same Insane Pain for their Selfish Gain? - Heywon't have that Arrogant Cocky Attitude on   If You've been on the Wrong Side of History, because Evil is God's - Worst Enemy - Hear me! 


Look, I’m 76 years old - So it really doesn’t make that much of a Difference to me of what matters to my Futures History, but it Sure the Hell Does to your Kids and Grandchildren’s - by those who would Rob them of it and All because of the Loyalty one has Towards a Political Party of Thieves - and thats exactly what they are - Low Life - Low Class - Traitorous Greedy - that Cheats the Needy - Fact,  99% of their Time is Spent on 1% of their Crime where the Rich get Richer and the Poor get Poorer



You know, after these last Four Years of Corruption in the White House, I'm not sure whether our Country can ever Survive the Loss of the Integrity for which our Country once stood for as a World Leader of Democracy. Thanks to the Support of Donald Trump’s Chumps of Sedition as well as His Republican Parties Chumps of Addition.  


- The most Traitorous and Shameful Embarrassment to our Constitution -

- since our Founding Fathers Adopted it - are of Today's -

Traitorous Republican Party!


 Photo Pictures don't Lie, Political Leaders do


 All Things Considered, How could Anyone in their Right Mind not Believe that

 Donald Trump Isnt the Devil?  Hes been the Perfect Description.


The only Difference from Whence He was Lucifer is that

 He has Gotten Much More Stupider!




The Future is Under Our Power to Be

or Not to Be - This is the


Aging is not only the Future of Growing, but its the Process of

Learning and Knowing -- Where We’re Going -

 For its by the Choices We Make --- that Determines Our Fate”.

Don L. Johnson


The Primary Reason why I Created my Website is to Logically Prove that the Bibles Book of Genesis is the Source of our Existence - through the Almighty Creator of God - as Proven by the Genius of Science, Physics, Mathematics, Mechanics and Astronomy - as being Equated into the Common Sense of the Status Quo from the People Who Know such as (Sir Isaac Newton PRS and Albert Einstein who were both Widely Recognized as one of the most Influential Scientists of all Time and Key Figures of the Scientific Revolution and Many Many More Other Noted High Profile Colleague Believersand Oh yeah, Contrary to what You May have been Taught to Think and Believe - Some Others Include, Charles Darwin and Stephen Hawking - as Non-Atheists. -


If God Created the Universethen who Created God?


Just as Darwin put itI have Never Denied the Existence of God.  I think the Theory of Evolution is Fully Compatible with Faith in God. - Charles Darwin



Just as Stephen Hawking put it, The Big Bang Implies God,Science could Predict that the Universe must have had a Beginning, But it could Not Predict how the Universe should Begin; for that one would have to Appeal to God - Stephen Hawking 1988


Just as Carl Sagan put it, Science is not only Compatible with Spirituality, but it is the Profound Source of Spirituality - Carl Sagan



Just as Sir Isaac Newton PRS. Put it in one of His Famous QuotesAll Variety of Created Objects which Represent Order and Life in the Universe Could Happen only by the Willful Reasoning of its Original Creator, Whom I Call the 'Lord God.” - Sir Isaac Newton PRS.


Just as Albert Einstein put it in one of His Famous Quotes, Anyone who is Seriously Involved in their Pursuit of Science becomes Convinced that a Spirit is Manifest in the Laws of the Universe a Spirit vastly Superior to that of Man Kind and one in the face of which we with our Modest Powers must feel Humble.  In other words He was Referring to Himself as being Humbled. 


The Tongue and Cheek - Tongue Twister -


for You Mothers, Fathers, Brothers and Sister's 


                                                                                                     And children Alike that Knows their Rights


Humbly, as to know what you Should know - You don’t have to have the Mind of Albert Einstein to Follow your Senses; Even though this may sound a little Senseless to you, I Say that Id Rather Follow the Sense of Common Sense Rather than the Sense of Nonsense - Since its Senseless to Think in Any other Way - to have it Pay - in a Positive Way, because you Are what you Follow - of Each of Every Day - by Way of Choice!         


 If this Poetry Pertains to You then this Wisdom Remains to be True - 

But here's the Real Twister,

Hence, I say Unambiguously, That

the People who Reach an Obscured Fate of

and by the Sum of their Wis-Dumb ------ will Never

be able to Reach and Enter Into and Through

the  Gates  of  Thy  Kingdom  Come 


Don L. Johnson


 An Education is what Remains after One has Forgotten

Everything that One has Learned in School  


Albert Einstein


 Those who think Halfheartedly - will Never Believe in God,

but those who Really Think - Has to Believe in God 


Sir Isaac Newton PSR.


Again, all I Know is that God has Always Been there for Me - Throughout the Ups and Downs of my Life's History, Yet, still, the only Purpose and Reason that I can think of Why God Purposefully Allowed me to enter into this God Forsaken Troubled World - Is in Lieu of Maybe Reaching one, my Reader's - This I'll never know, but I Hope So - Otherwise I've been a Lonely Misfit to Fit into the Society of this World My Whole Life as a Wondering Question-?-MarkBut even So - all I know - is that it's all Within, 


 The Poetry of Me,

Donald Lee

-  Here is my Body - that Abodes my Soul -

- Here is my Heart ------ to where I'm in Control -

- My Heart Governs my Time - that Defines my Mind -

- To Write what I Write - both Day and by Night -

God is my Faith and Jesus is my Love -

- Because  He  Died  for  me -

- On  that  Day  of -

Calvary  -

-  But   even   so - I  do  Know -

that     No-one     Comes    to   the -

Father  except  through  the  Son for  -

- He  is  the  Key  where  thy will can be Done -

- as  to   Enter   Into   and   Through   the   Gates  of -

  Thy Kingdom Come     That isif you are Wise -


- not   DUMB to where   Hell     will be   Your  Outcome! -

     Your   Choice   




  How it all Began


 Look, I

 don't Proclaim to

 be a Professional Writer,

but what I do Proclaim is that I

Believe what I Write and Write what I

Believe to be the  Integrity of Truth  that You

can  Count  on  to  Believe  as  to  be  True.

To  me,  that  is  Worth  more  than  a

 Bunk of  Hooey Chewy Chop

  Suey  or  Phony    Baloney

   from a Bad Seed that 

 You  Shouldn't

   Eat  as  in,



 But, just Remember that - that Tree Ain't Free 

for the Fruit from it's Root --- For there

is a Price to Pay --- by Way of,

as to Feed and

Eat of it.!


"Besides, I can Assure You that - An Apple a Day - Won't keep the Devil Away"


One Can’t Force Another to Believe there is an Eternal Creator. - Neither can One Prove to that Person who the Creator might be… All they can do is Present the Idea from their Perspective of Whom they Believed Him to be… - Ultimately, it’s up to the Individual to make that Very Personal and Life-Changing Decision, for Themselves

We Cannot Teach People Anything; we can only Help Them Discover it Within Themselves.” Galileo Galilei

 All Truths are easy to Understand once they are Discovered; the point is to Discover them.” - Galileo Galilei” 

John 8:32; - and ye Shall Know the Truth, and the Truth Shall make you Free

Genesis 1; 1 in the Beginning God Created the Heavens and the Earth. -

How did the Universe Begin? How did Life Begin on Earth? These have been Humanitys most Important Questions through the Ages. In the Last Century, we have Learned more about Science and the Creation of the Universe than Everything Known before the Twentieth Century. What is more Notable is the Last Decade Has Opened New Discoveries Leading to New Theories that give us Unique Hypotheses about the Presence of God and the Nature of the Universe. This Website will give you that Insight on GodsCreation through the Commonsense of Bible Verses and a few Noted Famous People and Scientist Who Whole Hard-idly Believed inGod” - As in, - Albert Einsteins E=Mc2, - and YES=  Steven Hawking and Darwin, - Carl Sagan, - Sir Isaac Newton PRS., - Robert Boyle, - Francis Collins, - Johannes Kepler, - Francis Bacon, - Leonardo da Vinci, - Galileo Galilei, - Nicholas Copernicus, - Lord Kalvin, - Michael Faraday, - James Clark Maxwell, - William Harvey, - Paul Dirac, - Maria Mitchell, - Prof. Werner Archer, - Rosalin Franklin, - Prof. D.H.RBarton, - Maria Curry, - Euclid, - Max Planck, - Srinivasa Raminujan, - Charles Hard Townes, - Isidor Isaac Rabi, - Michio Kaku, - Abraham Lincolnand George Washington, etc. etcetc. etcetcetcetcetcetc.



who is seriously

involved in their pursuit

of Science - becomes Convinced

that a Spirit is Manifestin in the Laws of

Universe - A Spirit Vastly Superior to Mankind 

and one in the face of which We with our

Modest Powers must feel Humble

Albert Einstein 



So what Say You?  –  Does Any of this make Any


 Sense To You Well, – it sure Does to Me, 


Because the Truth Will set you Free!


Design, Composed and Written by,

Don Lee Johnson



   For Future Reference:   

 The  Right  Music  is  my  Bliss,

 but with the Wrong Doctrine I Dismiss.

That said, Music is About- the Inside Out of

what is Felt from the Out Side in.

What I Hear in my Ears is

what  Fills  my  Eyes

Full  of  Tears.

 Don Lee Johnson





Genesis Factor 


" Follow  youFollow  me" 



 " The Universe is so Vast and Wide and so too are the Mass of its Stars Inside " by, 

D L. Johnson


"Telstar" New improved Stereo remix from 1962

By, The Tornatos


 "Songs of the UniverseMusic by,

Dietrich von Oppeln Bronikowski



"A Star Danced" by

David Wahler



"A Sky Full of Stars" by,



One Voice Children's Choir ?v=nomxXk6Q1rk

" Music

Orchestrates our

Thoughts into one Single

Denominator called Harmony and

Harmony Harmonizes with Contentment

 and Contentment  Harmonizes  with  Being  Happy

  and Being Happy is Being in Tune with Love instead of Hate

    Music Soothes our Hearts and Souls from the Stress

     of our Highs and Lows - of the Day by Day

     Come what  Mays - in Life”. These

     are Good Reasons Why

        I Love my Music - in the way it Loves me -

       It puts me in Touch - with an Inner Sense of Sensibility -

       As to be able to Write