There are 12 Major Foolish Abominations that 

GOD Hates the Most in Regards to

the Wickedest of  Sin!


  Essentially, to begin from within, the Poetry of Me Says that, I Practice what I Preach then Teach what I Practice within Things that are True from Me to And I asked for Nothing in Return. – Specifically, of Money – the Root of All Evil Concurrent with the Devil  GOD'S Ultimate Enemy.

• Poetically, if you can HUMBLE yourself to Read the Truth as I have Written it. – Then, as of the Following, You should Realize that it is of the Ongoing Battle being Fought between Good and Evil in this War that first began in HEAVEN between GOD and Lucifer  the Catalyst of All Evil in People All Over the World And there are 4/Four Main Players and or Characters – if you will – of the Good, Bad, Foolish and Evil Involved, Particularly the Way they Play Here in the U.S.A. within the Hearts and Minds of its people. – Unfortunately, With All Things Considered of All the Players Involved as being Followers of Who, What and the Way They Think and Believe in Today I have to Say that There are More  like Bad Players than there are of the Good  and More Foolish than there are of the Bad and more Cult  Players of Evil  – than there are of the Foolish-Mindless-Minions in this World of the Billions of Players Choosing Right or Wrong on which Side they have Chose to Be On or Belong that Again, First Began in HEAVEN with Lucifer's Attempted Coup to Overthrow GOD"S Authority of DOMINION that Led to the Devils Foolish Fallen Angels being Cast out of HEAVEN with Him, as the Devil's Demons given Birth to do Their Havoc Here on Earth   – and boy are they doing one Hell-of-a-Job at it.

• Come on – THINK! – when GOD cast Lucifer as Satan the Devil with His Demons out of HEAVEN to Earth – then Who and Where Are They – Today? – and Who Else do you know of that Mirrors Exactly what Lucifer did in HEAVEN with the Same Damn Bio Results Here on our planet Earth within the Good Old U.S.A.  ? – only the Devil could or can Get Away with the Blatant Evil of what He has Egotistically Done ever Since He was as Father and Son , – ""

"" ,– "" ,– " _satan_-_paradise_lost_in_washington_dc22_2019.pdf" ,–

• For Crying Out Loud – READ the BIBLE with an Open Mind of Common Sense! – because if are Indeed – Following the Alias of Donald Trump – Thenare indeed Following the Actual Names of One Entity of the Kind – under the Camoouflage of being the same as Satan, the Devil in Disguise!. –

Look, I know that there will be those of you of Family, Friend or Foe or even People that I Don’t Know – that will Think that they are too Intelligent to Believe in what I have to Say and Write. – Well, all I can say tois that, You’ve Been Emphatically, Categorically, Positively and or Downright Warned!


• Yes, I Realize that these Sentences Are Very Looooong, but there Score will be Forevermore just as  by being Foolish. Well, of how they First got Deceived? – Come Onthat was a Looooong Time Ago!.


• And so that You'll Nnow, I will set you Straight that it is the Devil's Bait of, Money, Power, Greed, Ignorance and Hate of His Hand of Tools to Attract His Fools through His Five Fingers of Evil that's Always Pointing at being Infectiously Multiplied into another Seven that will Never get  to Heaven – Starting out with,


#1 - Haughty Eyes of Pride and Arrogance -

#2 - The Unsung that's  Among the Lying Tongue  -

#3 - Violence Against the Innocent -

#4 - Evil Planning -

#5 - Quick To Do Evil -

#6 A Heart that Deviseth Wicked Imaginations and or Thoughts of Iniquity

#7 - The Hypocrisy of the Unabashed False Prophets Sowing Discord Among the Brethren, Politics and Programed Cult like Religion's that Praise the Lord, but Worship the Devil's Deeds against GODS Devine Commandments"!



• Indeed, , Because there is no Forgiveness for the Blatant 12 Major Foolish Abominations that GOD Hates Most, but where the Devil has yet to have Complete Control over Foolish SoulsJESUS Will Forgive Sins from HIS Blood through HIS SACRIFICIAL CROSS – In other words, with personal insight –Wrong can be Turned into Right – Meaning EVERYONE Does Bad Things at Times of Weakness, whether We know, Want or Believe it or not, but that Doesn’t Mean that that Person is Actually a Bad Person – After all, that is Why JESUS CHRIST Died on that Sacrificial Cross  that HE Gave HIS LIFE for to Forgive Us our Foolish Sins – that is, "if We ask HIM to" – HE Knows Our Heart’s and Minds to be True or False to the Result of Whatever We Say or Do! –


• Oh well, in the end, it was or will be our Choice to Choose the Directions to either  and it can be one Hell-of-a  Choice to Make – if we Make that Mistake by Choosing the Wrong Direction Towards Hell’s Gate – by being a Fool to the Tool of the Devils Bait

• WARNING! – As a Wake-Up Call  – To Adhere to the Prophecy of the Signs of the Times. that Satan, the Devil under the Alias of Donald Trump – has Set Free the Lunatic Cult of His Radicalized Mindless Minions to Follow His Demons Work like no other Time in History –  

• What Does the Bible Teach Us about Evil Spirits? Are There Evil Spirits in Our World Today? – Humans need to watch out for Evil Spirits in our world today, the Bible Warns. 1 Peter 5:8 Cautions: “Be Alert and of Sober Mind. Your Enemy, the Devil, Prowls around like a Roaring Lion looking for someone to Devour.” The Devil is another name for Satan, who leads the Evil Spirits. Don’t Discount the Power of Evil Spirits. They can Deceive , Tempt  to Sin, and Harm Spiritually, Mentally, Emotionally, and Physically. Ephesians 6:12 makes it Clear that Evil Spirits are the Source of our Human Struggles in this Fallen World: “For our Struggle is not against Flesh and Blood, but against the Rulers, against the Authorities, against the Powers of this Dark World and against the Spiritual Forces of Evil in the Heavenly Realms.”

• Does the Bible Talk about Evil Spirits – So What Does it Say about Them? The Bible Discusses Evil Spirits in many passages. Both the Old and New Testaments mention Evil Spirits, using a variety of terms for them, such as “Demons,” “Demonic Spirits,” “Impure Spirits,” “Unclean Spirits,” “Lying Spirits,” or “Deceiving Spirits.” While the Bible doesn’t reveal the origin of Evil Spirits, it does make it Clear that Fallen Angels are among them. Fallen Angels, also known as Demons, were originally Created by GOD to be Holy Angels. But they Fell Away from Relationships with GOD after one Angel (known as Lucifer before the Fall and Satan afterward) led them in a Rebellion to try to Grab GOD’S Power for Themselves (Isaiah 14:12-14). Most of the Holy Angels Remained Faithful to GOD (Revelation 5:11-12). But those Angels Who Fell in the Rebellion became Corrupted by Sin, so Their Natures are No Longer Good because they’re Disconnected from GOD, who is the source of Goodness – –


• It is so Obvious that even an Absolute Nitwit Can Figure Out that – 1 + 1 = 2 – without going to School to whatever you could say or do – in Regards to these Days that were Living in – to the Prophecy of the LORD JESUS'S Return. – Indeed, – if you May – Judgment Day – is on its Way – I've had my Say!


Lastly, I know that there will be those of you of Family, Friend or Foe or even with People that I Do Not Know – that will Think of Themselves as being too Intelligent to Believe in what I've Writen on my Website. – Well, all I can say to you is that, You’ve Been Emphatically, Categorically, Positively and or Downright Warned! – "  JESUS must be coming soon


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He Does Not Preach, Teach or Lie for the Money

and nor Do I to – Get to it's Honey,

Just as We Practice what We Preach

Then   Teach   what   We  Practice

Within Things that are True

  From We toAbout , 

Robert Breaker III –

We  Are  Watching  the  Bible  Unfold  before  Our  Eyes to Our Demise.


Designed,   Composed   and   Written   by   Me,

"I WishJesus"   

  Donald Lee, Johnson