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1,415,000,000,000 - for the cost of the two wars … 2,800,000,000,000 … for the cost of the tax cuts for the rich … Under the eight years of GWB and the Republi-sham party.




In simple mathematical terms … these are fundamentally vital factors that have to be considered as an equation into our growing deficit … And they (the GOP and the RICH) have the audacity to attack Medicare and Social Security that they’re borrowing from … when it should have been solvently secured from what we paid into it --- as a separate fund!



          See ref: “The Real Reason Social Security Doesn’t Add to the Deficet”


Look, it’s not my plan … to kick the can … down the road … to be mold into sap-suckers of M&M’s (mindless minions) with their distorted opinions over what’s right … sort of like, “fox N pox of obnoxious-lying-Rupert-murd-cocky-doc-jocks” in keeping people stupid 24/7…


WHAT! … Would you expect a BILLIONAIRE to be FAIR? COME-ON! GET REEL! LOSE WHEEL! … they’re part of the raw deal DEAL!


While the rich cruise on a yacht taking … pot shots at we … drinking Champaign and tea … we’re sinking on a boat barely afloat … as would be … drinking salt water from the sea.


Point is, what entitles the rich Entitlements entitled for the poor … see ref: of the heartless- greedy-hypocrites from the pits … of the following,

See ref: “US government Entitlements for the RICH”




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Don L. Johnson