"My Life Bestowed "


What Music does to my Ears

 is what Fills my Eyes Full of Tears

By, Don L. Johnson


The Sweet Sound of -  Homeward Bound - by the

Morman Tabernacle Choir




  My Life Bestowed --------- as will be Told 

God Made Me into Something Special 











As my Story has been for Given -- my Life has been for Liven -- throughout myUps

 Throughout my Downs ----- unto this Moment ----- of my PlaceSpace in Time 

Twas by Design Due -- My Weakest Ways -- Thru my Weakest Days


Throughout my Days ----------- Throughout my Nights ----------- this I knew

 There would be Fights ----- To ease my Life ----- that would be Strife 

I had to Learn ------- to Discern ------- The Things to Know


 So I could Grow ---- the way I Would ---- the best I Could 

Unto this End -- I Comprehend -- that God Controlled

My -- Don L . Johnsons -- Life Bestowed









"I want to go Home"


Michael Buble


https: //www.youtube.com /watch ?v=  lbSOLBMUvIE



While my Life was meant to Unfold - my Story was meant to be Told -


 Now, it's Time to go Home ---------- I just want to go Home


Let me go Hoooome


I've had my Run - My Life is Done


Please  let  me  go  Home

I Thank God for my Guardian Angel -

that has Never given up on me -


through Thick and Thin -


even through Sin - 



“Take Me There” by: Jackie Evancho




"Going Home"




Sissel Kyrkjebo




Essay Designed, Composed  andWritten by and

through the Biographical Memoir of,

Home for me is Heaven

Don L. Johnson