What does Cherubim Mean? –

It was apparently the dwelling-place of God. In the polytheistic story of the creation of the world and early life of man, which, while in several respects analogous (compare Genesis 3:22), is devoid of the more spiritual notions of Hebraism, the garden was the abode of the gods who alone had access to the tree of life from the fruit of which they derived their immortality. Adam, before the fall, is conceived as a superhuman being; for while he is forbidden to taste of the fruit of the tree of knowledge, the way to immortality is open to him; for it is only after transgressing the Divine command that he merits death and becomes mortal. The choice of immortal innocence and mortal knowledge lay before him; he elected death with knowledge.

In other words, He became the First Inconsiderate “Human Soul of an Incurable Ass Hole” – that Exploded into Parasitic Particles of Living Organisms Amid Mindless Minions with Idiotic Opinions by the Choices we Make that Determines our Fate since the Eve of the Atom Befell Adam & Eve to the Tree that Deceives – for the Sake of the Snake – where Sin Begins and the Devil Wins the Battle, but not the Score from the War.