‘Disappointing College Graduate Employment’




Post College Employment Disappoints Graduates

Wednesday, May 29th, 2013

By Amber M. Winkler, Fordham Foundation


McKinsey’s survey of 4,900 recent graduates of two- and four-year colleges is the latest contribution to a literature of dismal news on our nation’s latest crop of young professionals. These are the top five findings: First, nearly half of all graduates from four-year colleges said that they were in jobs that did not require a four-year degree; graduates with STEM majors, however, were more likely to report the opposite. Second, a little over a third of alums of both two- and four-year colleges had regrets, reporting that they would choose a different major if they could do it all over again. What’s more, students who had majored in visual and performing arts, language, literature, and the social sciences were the most likely to wish they’d majored in something else, while health majors were the least likely. Third, university quality didn’t seem to matter much: Forty-one percent of graduates from U.S. News’s top 100 universities responded that they were not employed in the field they had hoped to enter, while 48 percent of students from other institutions conveyed the same. Fourth, the retail and restaurant industries were among the least desired fields—but ended up employing four to five times the number of graduates who had intended to enter these sectors. And fifth, liberal-arts graduates of four-year colleges fared worse than average across most measures: They tend to be lower paid, less likely to be employed full time, and less prepared for the workplace. McKinsey says that we need to do a better job of ... communicating job and income trends to students. True. ... But the ... evidence is also mounting ... that maybe college isn’t the right choice for everyone.





The best advise that I could give you ... is to pick a field that you think that you'll enjoy that fits you ... but don't pick a field that won't last in leaving you ... as a early ... blast from the past ... then learn and excel in it ... to the best of your ability ... so that your next interview will be more impressive than the interview ahead of you .... Don't waste your time and money on foolishness ... Think wisely ... because it’s the best opportunity towards your pursuit of happiness ... Look at it this way ... You'll always have your degree to fall back on ... Your first job will be in sales ... and that would be to sell yourself.


I'm not saying to do what I did, but the field and company that I chose to pursue was to be a "DSR" Distributor Food Representative for Dierks Foods, Fruit and Produce as they were the lagest and well astablisht in my area ... I knew who the owner was "Ron Dierks" and I brazenly went over to his house unbeknownst to my arrival and brazenly told him that I was going to work for him on that following Monday ... Nine years later ... I was written up in the National ID Magazine as salesman of the Month ... The highest honor a Food rep can earn and to be recognized by ... in the industry ... as every Food Distributer in the United States still gets itAs the Gold Metal of success ... And I did it with a ninth grade edjucation!


My attitude was to be the best from the rest ... If you want to see the write-up in a plaque hanging on the wall in my office ... you'll be able to see it among lots of other in the above achievement section of my website ... And as you read further on ... you'll be able to read about it as part of my job history.


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