The Relevance of Time  



Relevance: is the extent to which something relates to the matter at hand; also: practical especially social applicable. Synonyms: Bearing, relevance, pertinence and Timeless. Time: is a period which an action, process or condition exists or continues to <go on in Time>, a point or period when something occurs: occasion <the last Time we met>, a set or hour for something to occur, like the instant we were born into this world. The relevance of Time involving us is our lifespan of existence. In this case, time is vital not to be wasteful in the way we use it because, it is limited. Most of us don’t realize the relevance of Time because, we take time for granted that it’s always going to be there when we need it. It is only when growing older -- we begin to realize the relevance of Time in our lives because; we know it’s getting shorter. We begin to prioritize our Time in not being so wasteful of it. Time is preciously the most important valuable possession we could ever own. Yet, we don’t realize its weight in gold a (Figure of speech) as a rule; most of us think of gold in terms of money and clog our minds with the lust for materialism. Basically, every aspect of the materialistic modern-day luxuries and conveniences can be traced into existence right before and after the turn of the century, Example: planes, trains and automobiles to the essay of, (Modern-day Luxuries & Conveniences).


Get this, a two thousand mile journey by a horse driven covered wagon, typically took five to six months to complete through the great plains of America in the mid to late 1700’s. It was the fastest and quickest way to get there at the Time. Today that same trip would only take a few hours to complete, in a jet-plane. The further in Time, the further it accelerates. It was only in 1969 that the Apollo 11, landed on the moon, with Neil Armstrong’s famous quote of, one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind. Now at a speed of 11,341.2 mile per hour and a distance of (33,900,000) or (54,500,000) kilometers to (249,000,000) or (401,300,000) depending on the position of planets, we have been landing on Mars with our rovers collecting samples and returning back to Earth with them from our Pathfinder of July of 1997 and The Mars Express of 2004. We have gone to Jupiter and beyond with our spacecrafts taking pictures and returning info back to our tiny planet Earth from whence they came. This is quit far and fast compared to a five to the six month 200 mile journey in a covered wagon in the mid to the late 1700’s, isn’t it? But, this is the difference in a two century period of Time, yet time still keeps on ticking-ticking-ticking into the future.


I am sure that somehow, some-Time and some-day into the future that man will eventually be able to land and colonize one of the planets in our solar system with the main target of the (Invasion of Mars from Earth) bringing with them the same destructive nature that led to the ultimate demise of our planet Earth,


Point being, Again, if we could travel that far and that fast, we would be traveling forward back in Time; yet, our bodies would continue aging. Humanly, Time is as age as age is as Time and it goes by faster then we want and realize. Again, Time is only Relevant to our lives at hand and it goes by faster than we want and realize. After our Time of life elapses, Time ceases to exist with usas we lived it. So why waste it, when it is Relevant to the present? Unless we’re sick, Time is not a priority of consciousness in our lives. Our priorities are all wrapped up into our day to day hustle and bustle of activities without any concern to how valuable it is in comparison. We can only realize the Relevance of Time when we’ve lost a loved one in our lives and I am sure that we have all experienced that, I know I have, with that said; Time is only Relevant to our lives at hand and that is why, Yesterday of Yesteryear -- is the Time that Matters -- Right Now and Right Here! 


Composed,Written and Designed by,


Don L. Johnson