God Made Me into Something Special

So - it Doesn't Matter what other people Think! 


Once I was! Nothing -

Until God made me Something -

Something of Value -

Something of Worth -

Something from Nothing 

And Everything from Birth -

So, Wouldn't that be Something Special


My Life Bestowed

As Elbert Einstein once said and put it in

one of His famous quotations,

So, to Discern Something -

You must Learn Something -

To Learn Something -

You must Feel Something -

Something from your Heart -

Something from your Mind -

  Something from All of your Soul -  

Something Together -

so that Together Theyll Grow -

Into Something that Comes From -

 Deep-Down that is True True True -

As in the Same Way that I Do Do Do 

Don Lee Johnson


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Designed, Composed and Written by, Me

Don Lee Johnson