“Lyrics of destiny”

“The way I see it is your choice to believe it?”



The way I see it ... is that there are  Two choices with

Three categories to live and or to die by,



Choice #1Good to Love = God above

Choice #2Bad to evil = the level with the devil



No matter how good we seem to be,

There is still a tad of bad … in We, of the three.



Category #1 … On the evil side of Bad


Over that line to where we’ve been foolishly had into Power, Greed, Ignorance and Hate … the tools of evil of the devils bait. Genocide, Killing, Raping, Warring, Chemical Weapons, Destroying, Terrorism, Tyranny, Dictators, Slavery, Cannibalism, Physical abuse, Bullying and Torturing and as would be to etc. … The derivatives of evil from the devils bait of Power, Greed, Ignorance and Hate.



Category #2 … On the harmfully/Destructive side of Bad.


Stealing, the Hypocrisy of Democracy, Large scale Media of Lying, Cheating and Deceiving such as the evil channel of “Fox and pox of obnoxious Mur-cocky-Doc-dirty-rotten-lying-jocksRush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck and the like in keeping you stupid 24/7 all over the world … The derivatives of the devils bait of Power, Greed, Ignorance and Hate. What do you expect from a multibillionaire of Rupert Murdoch? 


"It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of the needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God" - Is the Scripture quoting Jesus recorded in the synoptic and Gospels - Link - King James Bible - Matthew 19: 24 ... Heaven has no tollbooth ... and that's the truth.


Category #3 … On the bad habit side of man.



On the lighter side of upper and lower class people … we throw our garbage out of our windows while driving, like cigarette butts, fast food stuff and we dump our ash trays filled full of cigarette butts just anywhere witout care etc. etc. — We leave shopping carts in the middle of the lot instead of designated slot, because of laziness, — reckless driving, cutting off one another just to get to the next stop light a second sooner, —We park cars on the grass in root to see our children functions in their class and when leaving, we inconsiderately leave gouging tire prints from spinning tire just because of Ignorance, Stupidity  and or Selfishness.…etc. etc. etc. … of the derivatives of you and me of our individuality.


Yes, people tend to ignorant with these three categories throughout our lives and they do it with impunity of consciencness to their satisfaction in getting away with it, BUT remember that they have soul too that will be reckoned with - some sooner - some later, nonetheless they won’t be blessed.


A Hypocrite is a deceiver not a believer in God’s Love. God knows what everyone’s heart is made of and all out before that payday of judgment day, then what goes around comes back around to the abuserreborn to the looser. You either believe or you don’t which means it’s a gamble of a paycheck or a payback the end will be exact.


If there’s sobering thought it would be justice in makings things right that were very wrong with these Greedy-Twinkie-Prongs of ding-dongs that take advantage of the disadvantage out of selfish gain.


As you can surmise that I am by far no saint to my characters faint attitude. As a result I have a lot of faults of which I descend, yet to comprehend, but at least “I AM NO HYPOCRIT” to what I perceive to believe in as much as to what is right over wrong to where I belong ... with God’s Love.


Like I have said, over and over that I am not a deceiver I am a believer … in what I write about … as I amwho I amno matter what anyone thinks or believes in me … That’s part of not being able to hide from that part inside of your heart that can be offensively taken … at least it's truth.


Yes, I know that God has more than likely shaken his head many times with the crimes of my attitude maybe to the point of rejection back to my rebirth to Earth. I know that he forgives and expects me to do the same and that’s where I’m to blame, because under ANY circumstance, I refuse to forgive and understand the #1 and #2 blatant categories side of man … of which I consider evil at its worst!


I don’t believe in Religions and or Politian’s, because of their division into collisions and clashes into ashes of conflict of thinking, thus childish reactions into actions of Destructions … such as wars and what we see in a two party system of Congress as to relate to the hate of discussion into concussion and the dissolution into confusion … as to none in getting things done for … "we, the people" best interest. Worst of all, Religions are hypocritically bad towards one another in as much as practicing what they preach and preach what they don’t practice towards Choice #1Good to Love = God above … because they use God’s Name in vain for selfish gain

and I have MANY shameful examples to prove my point.



To me, there is "NONE so worse and or bad" than those who use's "God" to promote their "Hypocritical propaganda to promote their agenda's game through selfish gain" of ALL Religions, Creed, Greed and Deeds that Feeds off their Deception of Discretion ... NONE!



You know, the plain truth to the matter is that it is simply hard to like people in generalincluding myselfBecause of the things that we do that are bad to each other and or other living species such as animal and wildlife as being caretakers to our wondrous planet we were blessed with. Examples, what about Global warming that many deny and don’t know why without living a lie … like the media channel of fox-in-pox-of-obnoxious-Mur-cocky-Doc-lying-jocks, Oil drilling, Flacking, Deforestation, forest fires, over population, thus, the polluting of our air, mass resources and garbage dumping … etc. etc. etc … and ... on and on and on about we, the human species.


What about hunters who kill for the sport of it? How would you like to be an unsuspecting bird or anaiml unaware of a human species camouflaged in a tree to kill you just because you are simply for the sport of it for bragging rights? The biggest predator isn’t the cat or the wolf, but the foot of deception under our hoof. If it’s not for over-population or endangerment. They have a right to live too. No offence, but, if I want meet to eat etc. I will simply go to a grocery store or a restaurant to get it ... I don’t need to hunt for it, but as being a hypocrite myself,  its bad enough that I even aquired a taste let alone for my waist for it. 


The species of Animals such as Lions, Tigers and other carnivorous Cats, hyenas, Bears and wolves etc. … They were naturally born to hunt for their food to eat as to survive PERIOD!


While house pets such as dog's and cats depend on “we, the human speciesto survive under our protection that many get misused to be abused by the profiles of imbeciles.


Point being, as a rule, of animal species of innocence … they haven’t a clue to what we do as being detrimentally guilty to their survival of way of life, because of the inborn nature of bad traits to our "we, human species of people" to their environmental safety. Our souls are what distinguish us apart from their kingdom and “we, as the human speciesshould be respectful to theirs as "we, as a rule" are to our own lives.


In conclusion, as a “human species of people”, these were just a few of the Category #3 … side of man to understand the things that we do through and through that are bad. Thus to this end, what is there to like aboutWe, the human species of Peoplein general when there’s seems to be more harm than good that we do by the majority of us or  "We, the Human Species of People? ... You know ... by the way ... the truth hurts, ... but so do they.


Written and Designed by,

Don L. Johnson