GOD'S Mathematics is Elementary my Dear Watson!


  Picture this  Finger_from_heaven_pointing_down.jpg if will

and Remember Moses  at the Top of the Hill

   But, Can  Count up to 10

Minus Sin?



End Times - Daniel UNSEALED!

(2021 Great Tribulation)

End Times - Daniel UNSEALED! (2021 Great Tribulation) - YouTube






                                                      “  Ride the Wind”                                                     



Composed  Written  by me,


Don Lee. Johnson 


Fitting in. – is like an Unwitting Sin To Logically be Explained


Poetically Put, as to Make a Long Story Short – is to Sum it Up to where It all began from the Eve of Atom – Into Adam and Eve’sFirst Birth Here In the Garden of Eden's Planet Earth – Where Evil Begins and Sin Continues to Win Over Hearts and Souls Over to the Devil's Control. – Now Here We Are in a Troubled World in the Way that it is Today – in a War between GOD that Begets all that is GOOD and the Devil that Begets All that is Evil that Destroys All that is GOOD, Simply because it Could – that Begets the Battle Wrought on by Lucifer, the Devil – Where as of Late – Sin has been Winning Control Over Our Souls that Determines the Course of our Fate for many that's too Late to Escape – from the Sum of its Outcome into the Well of Hell – that Continues to Swell, Because, Again, the Devil Keeps Winning Due to Our Sinning against GOD and All that's Been GOOD, Just as it Should, but only to be Losing – Due to the Ignorance of our Choosing the Wrong Way – Just As It Is Today – But GOD has Given Us the Freedom of Choice between Winning or Losing – Again, by the Choice of our Choosing.


  Look,  don't   have  to be  a   to figure    this out Sherlock_Holmes_number_one.jpg my Dear Readers,  because it's all Elementary to the Math of 2022 of the Signs of our Times.


  know, it is Really Hard for me too Conceive that a Normal fingers_of_quote_unquote_insignia.jpg Person can become Radicalized into Supporting an Insurrection of Evil for the Soul Purpose of Following the  Devil – but then again, when think about it, – He did the Same Thing in Heaven under His original Name of Lucifer – Turning a Third of GOD'S Angels cast out of Heaven as Demons the_great_controversy_conclusion.jpg just Like He's Doing Right Now – Here on Earth – by the Demoralizing of We, the Peoples Faith in GOD.


  NO!  Can't Change from the Fruit. After You've Already Eaten it, but  can Pray that the Fruit didn't Suit Your Taste and put it to Waist – and hope that  can find another kind – that will be Fruitful For Your Taste – that's GOOD to Make Haste – to Better the Health of and for Yourself.




  So as to begin from within – I’d like for you to Think of this Website as the Paramedic for Those of  Who Are – Stuck in a Rut of Confusion – only to Wake Up to What’s Up – in Conclusion – As to Survive Their Demise with Jesus in Their Lives – to Reset the Score as a One Minus in the Devil’s War by Choosing Yourself as a One Plus – to Up with the Math – of GOD'S Score.


  Like the Bible, Please, Judge Not the Beginning of this Essay by its First Sentence, but Judge the Full Content through to the Ending – as it will Enlighten to the way Each and Every Sentence Fits Together like a Puzzle for the Next into Understanding this Struggling Writers Intent – But Keep in Mind that I am not a Pulitzer Prize Winner that meet the Criteria of Understanding me – any more than the Complexity of the Bible's Understanding, but I Understand the Heart of it. – I'm just a Beginner – not the Winner in Journalism – So you Might have to Use a Little Common Sense every now and then – that Makes Sense to what I’ve Written from my Heart that is True. – Personally, My Heart Belongs to GOD ONLY – and for GOD ONLY is where You'll Find the Heart of My Writings – for Countless Reasons, – but, Primarily for His Son, Jesus Christ – for Forgiving my Ignominious Sins that I don't Forgive Myself for – Due to the Cruel Death of His Innocence on that Cross – to Save my Unforgiving Unworthy Ass from Catching on Fire, – but from here on, – No Matter Who  Are – Near or Far – or Where You're From – Smart or Dumb – or – Even if You're – Rich or Poor – It's Your Ass – Not Mine – that I'm Concerned about – the Lord Saving – Through my Writings! – So in the meantime, Always Be Aware that the Algorithm of the Devil's Main Goal is to Control Your Soul - by any Means – that He Deems - to put on His Leash - to Train through His School for Evilto be His Eternal Fool for Evil - for the Soul Purpose for Evil - For Evil and the Devil - are of the Same Level - with Lucifer, Satan and Donald Trump as One of the Same Creature where IT/HE  Remains the Same Pain - So Sayeth the Lord


•  Okay, let’s just say that there are those  who don’t Believe in GOD and or the Devil for that matter – Well, there is No Denying that there is Still GOOD, Bad and Evil in the World All Around Us – by the Fact that GOOD has the Consideration/Reaction for Compassion – whereas Evil has the Thoughtlessness/Cruelty of Heartlessness – for All Living Things on our Planet Earth. – So, For All Intents Reasoning, – Where Does All That Come From?


•  Look, there isn't one of us – NO, Not One of Us – Innocent from the Sin of Doing Bad things During Times of Weakness – any more than Adam and Eve – I Have Yet To See a Halo Shining over any of a GOOD Person’s Head, Especially Not Mine, but it is the Bad person who Purposely Does Evil Deeds – and I’m not a Bad Person. Personally, JESUS Died on the Cross to Forgive my Sins, because HE Knows that my Heart and Soul Belongs to HIM and Everything that HE stands for – Especially, Enlight of the Cruelty of HIS Suffering on the Cross – Again, to Save my Souls Unworthy Ass from Catching on Fire. – NO!, – as a rule, I've Really Had a Bad Attitude with my Understanding of People – just as they Had with Me – of a Conflicting Mismatch of Compatibilities – through my Whole Life. – Let's just say that there will be No One – No, not one person with a Loving thought about me – when I Thankfully Leave. – My Epitaph will Read, He was Like a Piece of a Puzzle  that Could Never Fit In.


•  Well, at least,  Should know that what Do Read from Me from here on – that should be True enough to Believing in Me as an Honest Writer of Things from the Past, Present and in what's to Come from Here on – that will Help Lead  to a Better Perspective of Thinking and Understanding the Truth – More Than Ever – To Let the Lie Die – in Hell. 


•  The Caveat is, the Devil got Kicked out of HEAVEN as Lucifer and He's about to get Kicked off the Surface of the Earth as Donald TrumpHell Bound, to where He'll be Forever Found – with All of His Leashed Closed Minded DIE-hard Mindless Minions Along with His Banished Demons.


•  Look, beforeDecide to Chuck this Website – Think of All the Ominous Undeniable Weird Scary Stuff that are Happening in your Lifetime that Continues to Grow at a Rate Exponentially Out of Control thatCan;t Explain without the Presence Of The Signs Of The Times – as Described in the Bible? – Doesn't that Scare the Shit out of ? – Well, It's Elementary my Dear Reader, there is an Explanation for that in the Following Link to Help to makethink Wisely, – – Wallah, there is a Rhyme and Reason for Everything that seems Inconceivable into being Logically Believable – with a Open Mind – of Kind.


• This Website isn't being WRITTEN to JudgeExponentially, but for to Judge Yourselves Spontaneously – from what your Heart Tellsof what is being Disingenuous or Genuinely True to Through and Through – of which should be Proof to Why – this Website is Explicity on Your Side! 


  Look, I Promise that if Finger_pointer.jpgOpen, Watch and Read Each Compatible Link with Full Content to Think and Comprehend to the End  – ThenShould be able to Understand – what You've Read – to what I've Said – through my Writings. – Noah, full movie



  That said, I Really-Really Believe in what are Reading – that could Save Some offrom being the Ignorant , But Again, Please Remember that Understanding is Believing whileare Reading – as it is Imperatively Essential – as a Wake-Up Call For  All! 


  To put it Bluntly in a Straight Forward Language,  JESUS Isn't just Someone thatOnly Acknowledge and Talk about within the Worship of a Building. – Especially whenAlready have a Body that Houses Your Soul within Your Heart – that Goes Everywhere thatDare, but be Aware of the Snare – of that Snake  that Doesn't  Discriminate – with the Venom of His Bait – of Lessons Learned from GOD'S Tree of Knowledge – Not Learned in College, but by Way of Me, DLJ.


  As a Caveat, this Website will have no Love, Trust, Respect, nor Forgiveness for the Practice of Evil within People Who Purposely and Blatantly Practices it against the Defenseless of Innocence, – Especially for the Copycats of Demons Alike in Doing the Devil's Deeds. – So, no offense, but more than likely some of  may be Offended in a Negative Way to what I have to Say in a Positive way of my Writings that May Touch that Sensitive Nerve Beset with Regret of being Enlightened to the Acknowledgment of said Regret – that may Bother through my View, – but It Doesn’t Focus in on any one Person Personally – other than the Evil In People Intended – where I’ll Surely be Rejected – as a Somebody that Nobody Wants to be Around – that's not Bound To Be Like Them In Their Said Normal Way – that They've Always Been – in the Way that it is what it is. – But in the way that it is what it is with me – is where I Can't and Won't Hide from who I am – as a person of Conviction Against what I know to be Dead Wrong in a Society of Hypocrites – that Goes by the Saying of, – If it’s not Broke within their World of Luxury – than Why Fix it Attitude – when Everything is Broken in Pieces – Outside of Their World – All Around them in the Real World. – In other words, Excepting and Living with the Lie for Personal Gain. – Sadly, It's Excepted as a Normal World in the Cult of Evil of Money, Power, Greed, Ignorance, and Hate Today – to the point of where only GOD can  Fix It and – I'm Thinking from all the Signs – that it will be – Real Soon! – So Listen Up Guilty Bablooms. 

  To Elaborate, if Your Shoes Fits – Wear them –  It's Not for Me to Bear them for – I’m Just Saying. – Again, No Matter-Whatever, the Ultimate Conclusion is that I’m On GOD'S Side and so is the Integrity of this Website Based on the Reality of Truth – that is Quite Right Enlight of its Biblical Backed Writings. Again, through the Common Sense of an Open Mind – Knowing is Understanding and Understanding is Knowing without Translation of the Language as Written. – NoDon't Need a College Degree to Receive Crucial Knowledge From Me – My Dear Honest Reader. 


  keep in mind that – One of the most Despicable Sins out of the 12 that GOD Hates the Most in us – is #1 The Lying Tongue – Followed by, #2 – The Proud look of Pride, Vanity and Arrogance, #3Hands that Shed Innocent Blood, #4 – The Heart that Devises Wicked Plans, #5 – Feet that are Swift, Cunning and Running to do Evil, – #6False Prophets of Liars, biggest_gangsters_in_the_world._The_Congress.jpg Deceivers and Cheaters for Profit , – #7 – Those who Sow Discord of Tension leading to Friction, #8Money, #9Power, #10Greedand the #11 – Ignorance of Mans #12 – the Devils Hate – Especially, as of Late!


•  Furthermore, this Website is going to be about what  Ordinary People Don't Want to Face or Talk about openly in Regards to GOD, the Devil andwhere Everything is True to Confess to the Access of My Websites Writings. – So for of the "Proud know it all Mathematicians" out there, – Know this, – that the End Times is Not an Amusing Matter forto be Admired and Flattered as your Stand Up Joke, because the Joke will be onwhenFind that All Has Been True – to the Finality of This, Your Reality – that You've Ignorantly Ignored – after being Repeatedly Warned – Over and Over  Again and Again – and Still Being Confused


•  Just keep in Mind that Arithmetically – Time Doesn't Depend Uponor Me, but Mathematically, It;s in Line with the Signs of the End Times = Judgment Day + a Fact that can Count on – where the Judge is not so Friendly to the Evil in People – that is if  Knowingly Follow it – Knowing where it Comes From!

The Berisheet Passover Prophecy - 

Full Movie


To Elaborate, Unfortunately, the Parable of the Terrible is that – Most People Dare Not to Rock the Boat – when they Already have a  Yacht Setting In Their  Dock – DLJ – Meaning, they are Comfortably Satisfied with the Dough from their Status Quo. – So Essentially, there are so many Good and Decent People out there that are being Taken Advantage of in a Hurtful Way by the Parable of  – Border Lining the Indecency of the Bad by Being  Radicalized into the  of the Terrible in People. – So, For those of  Die-Hearted-Disorder-Supporters of the Same, – I say, Bad Luck, – Hell is Awaiting ! – There is no Excuse,are Not the Victim Here,  becauseare what Follow! – Again, Donald Trump is the Devil On Every Single Level of Society Here on Earth and if He's Not then – Lucifer Isn't Either.


   As to Reiterate, it is Up To Me To Do My Part in one way or the other to Save as many of those Good and Decent People as I can through This, My Website as to Reach and Teach the Vulnerable to be Aware of what not to Bear that would Harm them in an Unnecessary Way as to Save their Day for a Better Way of Doing, Thinking and Choosing – through the Wisdom of Doing. 


 Again, I can't Articulate this Enough that, I'm just a Grateful Guy for Personal Reasons – Whom Believes in GOD and HIS SON, JESUS CHRIST as My LORD and SAVIOR with the Sincerity of my Heart of NOT Hiding it, –  If Earnestly Believing the Same way I do – then We Ought to be Sharing the Gospel like our very Lives Depends Upon It! – We Ought to Yield to GOD and Let HIM Use Us as a Means to SAVE Those People who Need Us; to Rescue the Perishing Who will Face the Fires of Hell Unless We Try to Intervene. The Late Prince of Preachers said it so well: “ if Sinners be Damned, At least let them Leap into Hell over our Dead Bodies. And if they Perish, let them Perish with our Arms Wrapped Around Their Legs, Imploring Them to Stay Away – from Hell to Pay. – And If Hell must be Filled, Let It Be Filled in the Teeth of our Exertions, and Let Not One Go Unaware by means of the Sincerity of our Hearts – To Stop It – Just as I have Written it.” 


•    Again, getting back to me, I have found that Nobody Wants to be Around Me Under My Empty Tree without an Apology for being Me for Me – as being of my Destiny. – I have had a Problem just about my Whole Life with Family, Friends and Associates Alike of Understanding Me for Being Me out of the  Ordinary Being. – It's because I am Not out of the  Ordinary and Never have been in an Ordinary Sense. – At least we have that in Common, because I've Yet to Understood the  Ordinary either. There are those of andFinger_pointer.jpgknow whoFinger_pointer.jpgare that get a Positive Mental Attitude Mixed up with Bragging. – Well, it's Always been my Positive Mental Attitude that Has Led Me to Being Successful – way Beyond the Ordinary Person – call that Egotistical Bragging and or whatever you Wish – I Really Don't Give a Shit, because I've Earned My Way for Bragging Rights and Feel Good about it. – if Finger_pointer.jpgwould have Started out the way I did – as a Unwanted Kid – then maybeFinger_pointer.jpgwould Understand me a little bit better – as a Person of Respect. – Look, I Made Myself Valuable by being Successful – in the Business World – above and Beyond My Peers – Simply, because of the Attitude of how I Thought. 


    Again, of what Finger_pointer.jpgmay Call my Bragging, I've Always been the Michael Jordan of whatever I Chose To Do and Be from the Ordinary  – of what I call Success to the Highest Degree. – I have Earned my Respect if only for Bragging Rights – like Michael Jordan did each Time He Won One His Six NBA Championships – AsFinger_pointer.jpg have to have it within You in order to Achieve it and I've Never been Able to Teach it – as Companies Wanted Me To Do in Management with the Colleagues that I Was Working For – but to Characterize it as an Exemplified Model of Achievement – that came to me Naturally → The Seven Steps towards AchievementThe Farmer In The SellAcronym P.H.O.N.E.AchievementMedia -


   For Bragging Rights, I might have Come into this World as a Nobody, but I'll be Leaving it as a Somebody who Stood out to be the Best from all the Rest of the so Called Ordinary – as Undefeated! – You Know, Michael Jordan may have become a Multimillionaire in His Profession, (Basketball) but we are going to Die Equally in Character – Whereas Money has No Value or Meaning in Heaven – Where Character Does. 


•  But, to Elaborate, the Real Joke is that, I Came into this World as a Nobody and I'll be Leaving it with Nobody Who gives a Shit About Me, but Me for Being Me – So, All these Awards and Achievements Encluding this, My Websites Highest Achievement – only to go Right Directly into the Garbage – like I've Never even Existed.


  With the Exception of the Fortitude of My Wife, Judy of 40 years – My Epitaph will Read that – there Have Been Very Few People that I was Able to Connect with in a Mutual Loving, Caring and Respectful Way – Unto the End my Final Day. – As I've Felt like an Alien Out of This World with Humanoids that I've Never Understood and Belonged with or to. – The only thing that has been Positively Positive Throughout my Life – Has Been My Faith in – GOD, JESUS CHRIST and or my GUARDIAN ANGEL – Looking Out For Me – Through It All. – this is the Reason Why – I Am Who I Am, as a Person of Loyalty to my Faith. – Again, I Don't Follow Any one Person, Church or a Religion of Failures. – I Follow the Integrity of My Heart Only – that's not Phony – within a World Running Afoul and Rapid Without Integrity that Only Begets the Evil of Hypocrisy for which this Country Has Been Taken Over of


•  Look, with the Utmost Disrespect – I have to get this out of My System, Mind, Way and Out of Play that, I am NOT a Republican by any Way, Shape or Means, because they are Destroying Our Countries Democracy through the Hypocrisy Directed by Cultist Charismatic, Authoritarian Wicked Leaders – under the Control of GOD'S Ultimate Enemy, Donald Trump, the Devil that Protect the Fat Cats of the Gluttonous Rich – at the Expense of our Futures Kid’s and Grandchildren's Lives that they Dare to Ditch – to Pay for Their Heartless Hypocrisy of Their Personal Gain of Unethical Shame and anyone who doesn’t get it – I Say, Shame on you to. – keep in mind that Donald Trump was Impeached Twice and it is of what is now the Cultist Republican Party who Backed Him – Instead of our Constitution.


  Yes, I might have Been a Little Bit Nasty and Harsh with the Straight Forward Conviction of what I Write, but Sometimes that’s what it takes to get through to the Lame of a Scatterbrain – being Maneuvered by the Same – better known as a Mindless Minion – to my Opinion – that's Beset into a Self-Imposed Dilemma of Regret. GOD Gave Us All Brains to be Able Choose the Way that We Wish to Think – Otherwise He Would have Created Us with the Wisdom of a Mechanical Remote-Controlled Robotic Brain – that would be Preferable for the Terrible – for the Safety of Earth, Wind and Humanity!



  Again, I'm sure that this Essay will more than likely not be very Reader Friendly, for those of  who Won't get the Point of it – especially for those of  who are Mathematically Impaired of what Figuring is all about! – have to Believe in order to Believe in the Believer Who Does – Otherwise, if  Don't – You'll Feel out of Place – Face to Face – with the Believer – who is Actually the Achiever. 


 So, Speaking as a Human Being – We ALL Judge by our Personal Feelings – Through and by One Another's Dealings and Mine are of and In the Heart and Soul of My Writings that Reveal the Truth – It's Not to Judge the Innocence of Evil Within People, but to Judge the Ever-Growing Epidemic Viral World that's Infected with Evil Within People – who Blatantly Follow it – as Categorically Written in this Essay. – Again, Categorically, there is Nothing Personal in what I Write, unless it has to do with what you Read of the Evil in People – who are out to Harmin Everything that Do – as to PersuadeOn and Into Their  Cult  of Sui-Side – Side – where they Wickedly and Deviously Reside



  Look, there is Nothing Innocent about me and my Fallen Sins – I'm just as Guilty asare – as Inherited from Adam and Eve, but I'm 77 years old – so as the Parable of the Terrible goes – I've had my Gulliver's Travels out of my System by using the Horse Sense that GOD Gave me to Reach my Commonsense from Others Nonsense as to Come to the Same Conclusion without Confusion to the Following – Analysis of Gulliver Travels,  


Considered Swift’s Masterpiece, Gulliver’s Travels is the most Brilliant as well as the most Bitter and Controversial of His Satires. Written in a Matter-of-Fact Style and with an Air of Sober Reality, the Work Defeats Over-Simple Explanations. Is it essentially Comic, or is it a Misanthropic Depreciation of Humankind? Swift certainly seems to use the Various Races and Societies Gulliver Encounters in His Travels to Satirize many of the Errors, Follies, and Frailties that Human Beings are Prone to. The Warlike, Disputatious, but Essentially Trivial Lilliputians in the First Section and the Deranged Impractical Pedants and Intellectuals in the Third Segment are shown as Imbalanced beings Lacking Common Sense and even Decency. The Houyhnhnms, by Contrast, are the Epitome of Reason and Virtuous Simplicity. However, Gulliver’s Own Proud Identification with these Horses and His Subsequent Disdain for His Fellow Humans Indicates that He too has become Imbalanced and that Human Beings are simply Incapable of Aspiring to the Virtuous Rationality that Gulliver has Glimpsed, –


  I too have a Disdain for my Imbalanced Human Beings Incapability of Aspiring to the Virtuous Rationality that Gulliver has Glimpsed – Therefore I am not Capable of being Friendly to those of who are Particularly Guilty of its Negative Content to the Truth of the way Things are in Today's Travels that makes me Disgustingly Sick – Way Beyond my Disdain for Humane. – Look, I Owe My Life to GOD as to Get It Right and Tell the Truth – as it is – for Personal Reasons. – and I don't give a Shit what Anybody Else Thinks of or About Me Personally in that Regard – Again and Again – I am Proud to Say that I am on the Right Side of GOD and Truth!


•  Look, I have a Poetic Saying that – Anyone Who Can't Accept Me for Me Equally – then I say Forget Thee – this Goes for Either Family, Friend or Foe's – Alike, that I may have Liked or Disliked – in the Past, Present and of the Future – That is, if there is one to Come.


•  Again, I Realize that there will be those of who will not be Friendly to me either – So, this Essay is Strictly Meant for the Following Content – without any Deviation from the Truth – In Light of GOD'S Sight – To No Matter Who You Are – Near or Far – or Where  Are From – Smart or Dumb – as This Essay – Will Not Discriminate From It's Truth. – That said, If your Shoes Fits – not for Show and Tell, – thenshould Wear them Well. Look, I'm not Here to Fit , but to Guide and Suggest toin What and How to Walk in Them – in the Right Direction – to get to Your Perfection – without Perishing into the Fires of Hell – where I'll Forever be Seen of Trying to Intervene.



•  First and Foremost, this Essay of Mine – is not By Designed to Exclude Those Who's Goals are just as "Again" Guilty as a Political Party of Dissensions that's Mainly Due to the Color of Red or Blue, Connections to Religions and or for Any More of a Cult like Professions – that In fact, Leads to the Ignorance of Mindless Minion Dissensions of Aggressions – Lacking the Common Sense and Decency of Human kind that once was our Time of Our, U.S. Time of History – As Were of the Main Stain Segment of Gulliver's Travels – that Satirizes many of the Errors, Follies, and Frailties that Deranged Human Beings Do and are Prone To – that Gulliver Disdained just as I Emphatically Do!


  To say the least, It'll be Negative Towards People in General, because it is the People Who do the most Harm to the Inhabitants of GOD'S Planet Earth Contrary to the way it was Meant for Us, the Human Species to Take Care of it in a Responsible Way that has Gone by the Way Side of a – GOD-less Reckless Behavior – Endangering it and its Inhabitants – Like No Other Time in History – Into an Armageddon Total Destruction Mode – that we've Learned to Live with through the Acceptance of the Control over the Ignorances of our Souls. 


  when it comes down to it, this Essay is Nothing More than the Battle Between GOOD and Evil in People in the War being Fought Between GOD and the Devil who once was Lucifer – as will be of this Essay's Main Topic and the Consequences there of.


2021 –

Signs of the End Times





When a Tornado Rips through Kansas, Dorothy and Her Dog, Toto, are Whisked away in their house to the Magical Land of Oz They Follow the Yellow Brick Road En route toward the Emerald City to meet the Wizard, and on Her way She meet a Scarecrow that needs a Brain, a Tin Man Missing a Heart, and a Cowardly Lion who wants Courage for the Wizards Help – to Grant Their Individual Wishes to come True to their Fulfillment. → Use your Courage of Understanding,

The.Wizard.of.Oz.1939.720p.BrRip.x264-[QUIKRMOVIES.TO] - Bing video



  As for me, I am asking , my would be Readers to Please be Patient and Following that Yellow Brick  Road to the Wizardry of Understanding me Before Being too Quick to Judge the Content of this very important essay – without its Knowledge. – In my case, that Matters to the Subject there of – of what  May be about to Read of me. – A Heart, Brain and or Courage would Most certainly be of the Heart of this Storylines Scenarios for help, but Integrity is Understanding Subjects that you Wouldn't Ordinarily Know or Care about without the Courage of Understanding it's Content that Should be Considered in a Thoughtful Respectful Manner – if Understood Correctly, because there is a Rhyme and a Reason that has a Reason for Every Rhyme of Mine on or for the Subject Matter that Particularly Matters to me – After all, as Ludicrous as it Still seems to me – It's through my Heart of Conviction – that I Write this Stuff – throughout the Wiz of my Brains Destiny – Just as Courageous as it seems to me – to get through to your Comprehensions Attention – Without getting Whisked Away into a Neverland of Hope,


  Sure, there will be those of  who will be Turned off – If not Pissed off with what I Write or Conceive of me, Nevertheless, I may be a Little Naïve, to Believe that there are those of  with the Capability of Understanding me and I don't mean Maybe in a Self Absorbed Egotistic Way – On the Contrary, as Facetious as I am, It's Illogical of the Extreme Opposite of my Uneducated Abilities as it really is. – Nevertheless, Regardless, I can Assure  that – Again, If  are One of the Extraordinary Psychic Abilities – there is Nothing Personal with what I may have Written that Involves  Personally – if  are Not Guilty of being on the Wrong Side of the War Being Fought between GOD and the Devil


  Look,  have to be on one side or the other, Because there is no in-between – Whether you Choose to Believe it or not – GOD Exists and so Does the Devil on Every Single Level of the Hypocrisy within Society. – If you have indeed – Followed that Yellow Brick  Road – then you Should Have Understood its Reality of the Here and Now! – Folks, this Essay is for Real – of the Here and Now – and I'm not going to Write it – as to Hide it – As it Truly is. – To me, there is Nobody Worse than a Conceited Asshole who Knows it, But Looks Down and Makes Fun of One who Understands it Faithfully – To help others on to that Yellow Brick  Road of Understanding – In my case, me. 





  Look, Call it any way that  Wish or Choose, but I've Paid my Dues to Write this Stuff in the Way I Choose the Way it is, but I can also Assure you that it's Strictly for the Purpose of Tapping into your Intellectual Being for the Truth in what I've Written to Try to Reach your Considerate Heart, Brain and Courage of Soul – on Behalf of my Faith in the LORD to Defeat HIS – Ultimate Enemy of the Supercilious Fallen Angel that once was Lucifer – who was Cast Out of HEAVEN – as Satan, the Devil – as we All so well Know Him Today – as a Friend, Fiend or Foe of the Status Quo – through the Works of His Desperate Attempt to Defeat GOD'S Purpose to Win over Hearts to HIS side of the Retreat – to Where His Atmosphere is to Fear the Scorching Heat without Air Conditioners,   – To say the least, It's not a GOOD Vacation for the Picking of a Better Weather. 


  So in that Respect, if I Haven't Reached Your Brain by Now – then my Writing was on the Wall, (Exercise is GOOD for the Heart) All for Null. – Still Confused ? – Well, there's Still Time to Get "Off of your High  Horse" and get back onto that Yellow Brick  Road for the Wish of Understanding – before it's too Late to Escape from Hell's  Gate. – Big or Little, I'm sure Glad that I'm not the one Toying Around – with Riding Up and Down on Silly Willie Horse – of Going Nowhere – But!


  I Guess the Best Defense is to have a No Offense Meant Personally – with or from my Mind of Content as Written. – After all, that is what the Yellow Brick Road is for as to Not Get Lost – My Writings – will be Straightforward to the Point to the Matter – as I Obviously See It Fit – to be True to tellas It Is – of which could Appear to be Somewhat of the Negative side of me at Times when taken the Wrong Road of Color. – Knowledge is Everything, but Not Everything can be the Right Knowledge – when it’s Misunderstood as I so well Know of Some throughout the Ignorance of Knowing Me in a Disrespectful Way! –


  One thing is for sure – is that I won't Pretend to be what am not by being a Phony Lying Hypocrite – Especially for those Who Thought they Knew me Personally – for who I’m Not and Never Will Be – to their Standard of Degree. – So being Misunderstood is what I’m Used to, but,Know, – this may sound a little Ludicrous toI know that at the Time it did with me of Feeling little Crazy, but I Now Know without a Doubt that GOD Told me that HE Doesn’t Call the Equipped – that HE Equips the Called, but Who Talks like that? – of which I Questioned Over and Over of myself of not being Qualified to do the Unbelievable that seemed Impossible? – Especially, when Knowing that my Mind goes by way of Poetic Rhymes, HE told me to Do it in the way you’ll do Best and I’ll help to Guide  through the Rest and that’s the way it’s been Every Sense – Undeniably, NO! I can't tell you of the MANY MANY Times that GOD Proved that to me in So many Miraculous Ways – like a Ghost Whispering in my Ear – Saying never Fear – for I am Here.


  So who am I as to Argue with Who I Know In My “Heart” to be of GOD that’s been Guiding me Down my Own Yellow Brick Road to the Unbelievable that became Achievable for My Understanding– I am now Approaching 20 years with Approximately 250 Subtitled Essays Ago? – Even Though Some Deem to Make Fun out of Truth of Reality – especially when it Sincerely Relates to the Rationale of the Bible. – This could very well be my Last and Most Important Essay that I’ve Written – Depending on the Time Allotted with the Remaining Time that We’ve Got To Get Things Done and Right in the Light of GOD'S Sight and I say that with the Confidence I have for the Content as I have Written it – within the Access of this Essay. – Look, I'm not one of those Hypocritical tell it all Evangelists that is Asking for your Money, but I feel it in my bones that there is going to be a Reckoning Soon for all of the Buffoons Who Follow the Path of Evil Thinking.


  So, from here on – here’s Hoping that  have the Open Mind of Conviction that’s Equipped from the Following of the Yellow Brick Road of Understanding – of which I Understand so very well – that’s Not Profound to be Found with the Eagerness of Confidence in me Personally!Again, there will be No Offense Intended for those of  who may Feel to have been Offended with the Substance of my Essays Content – Besides, how could there be – when I Don’t even Know Who  are Personally – to have been Offended? – Anyway,  should Know – if or How – Your Shoe Fits Properly – Without me Fitting  in Place – Operatively – Right? – If  don’t, – it’s because  didn’t Follow that Yellow Brick Road – as Mapped! – And It doesn’t take a Wizard of Understand to get there.


•  That Said and Read,  Not all Stories can be told as Fairytales to make  Feel like You’re in The Wizard of OZ and or in a Playground of Sand in – – so that  can have Pleasant Happy Thoughts outside The Realm of Reality – Well; this Essay isn’t going to be one of those Feel GOOD Stories, because the Reality is not Going to be Pleasant to Read – as it can only be told through the Facts – As It Is – to say the least,  There is No Doubt that there will be some of  So Called,  Intellectuals – Who will Feel Insulted, Offended, Superciliously Larger-than-Life as a Know It All or Whatever? and So Be It – Especially, if the Shoe Fits – Again, this Essay is not going to Put or Paint a Rosy Picture Behind the Truth – As It Is – This Essay’s only Goal and Purpose – is to Reach a GOOD Persons Open Mind and the Heart Before it's too late to get to the Fact and or Reality – As It Is – without Feeling Intellectually  Loftier – as if Your Beyond the Reality of Truth. – Well, here goes nothing – Here’s Hoping that You’re Wise Enough to Get and Handle it, because Sometimes the Truth Hurts – Outside of a Would Be – Brain of Sand  in   while Dancing with your Lala_land_Trump.jpg Partner, the Devil


• As already Written, There are None of Us No Not One Of Us that has a Halo Hanging Over Our Heads – Most Certainly not Mine, but We are ALL Guilty of Sin to a Certain Degree During Times of Weakness  Especially when we get Ambushed Into the Devils Den of Sin. Yes, Adam and Eve Sinned Against GOD, but they Started out and Remained to be GOOD People, but GOD's Nemesis of Satan, the Devil –   Better Known Today as Donald Trump – Was and is Still is Today Determined to Defeat GOD's Will for Adam and Eve to Not Follow GOD's Rule to Stay Away from the Fruit of that Evil-Evil Tree that would be of Their Downfall of and to Temptation that Continues on Right To This Very Day Through We, the Human Species with Hearts and Souls  That the Devil Deems to Control  That said, this Essay Is Not To Put You Into The Same Category as of the Following Despots of Evil, But Given the Fact that GOD Vehemently Hates Evil, I Don't Think and or Beleive that They Can Be Forgiven for Their Ongoing Actions Beyond the Blatancy of Their Wicked Deeds  As to the Following Brain  Dead – Evil Fed – Mindless Minions – of Devout Demons. – So Believe me when I say that Donald Trump is the Devil that once was Lucifer only Gotten Stupider. If  were to Readthe Actions and History of Lucifer's Character and then Compare it to Donald Trump's – You'll see that They are Identical – In fact, They Could be the Horror of "Books" In Between BookEnds with the Same Entrees Into Their Wicked Histories "Actions" of Pure Evil as Told in the Dark of Lucifer, Satan and Trump as being "One" of the Same Devil!


• Look, Believe what  Will, but the Facts Proves Themselves To Be Factually True and Right – In or To – the Light of GOD's Sight. – So Get Out of the Dark – So that  To Can See the Light – that I Do – and Kick the Devil Out of Your Life – Once and for All – and All at Once!



We've lost our way

• You must be Aware that We have Lost Our Way Towards a Better Day, because of the Ignorance of Our Behavior of Not to Resist the Belief in the Thief that Took Away Our Futures Hope – To where Hope has No Longer a Meaning for the Society of Humankind as we Presently Live It Outside the Normality of Order – Thanks to the Ominous Trepidation of this Essays Subject Matter – That Involves the Safety of our Planet Earth's Natural Selection and Resources through the Photosynthesis that Created It In the first place and in the Second Place, It is as We Know and Live It In Today's Society for which We've been of the Utmost Failure to Succeed in both a Responsible and Moral Way. that Could Have Saved the Day.


• But I'm afraid that we have No Hope because our Infrastructure is Dependent upon the Oil Industry – That's Dependent on our World Leaders – that's Dependent on the that Goes Into Their Election Cycle – that Ultimately, Accounts for Our Planets Obolition Due to Being at the Mercy of Earth's, # 1 Enemy of We, the People's Irresponsible thoughtlessness Behavior Due to our, – Garbage – Plastics – earth_trapped_in_plastic.jpg – Toxic  Waste of ChemicalsPetroleum Oil Spills,  Deforrestation , – Have you ever thought of WHY it is that Elephants, Wales and Dolphins have a Natural Instinctive Relationship to We, of the Human Species? Well, it is because they have a Heart and a Brain that Thinks just like We, the Human Species Do – Yet, It is We Who Heartlessly Kill them through the Ignorance and Sport of it – often through Camouflaged Nefarious Reasons for Bragging Rights. I can imagine what the Mindset would be if the Hunting were in Reverse? As it is in its natural habitat – indeed, it is – We, the Human Species that are of the most Danger to the Animals Species Natural Habitat. – Again, killing for the Sport of it as in the SlyDespicableCowardly, Heartless, Proud Safari/Hunter/Killers of GOD"S Devine Creation Notice that they are  Shaking Hands, , –The Depletion of All of our Natural Resources just as we can't think about the Shortage of Water  through Drought that we could have Otherwise Drank from and Used from Fun Filled Swimming  Pools, Forest  Fires – due to Global  Warming, Mass Extinction of Wildlife, – Gun  Control etc. etc. etc.


•   Look, now you can Understand Why I am so Down on People in General. – The Fact to the Matter is that We, of the Human Species  – are of the most Clear and Present Danger to our Planet Earth and Everything on it – that GOD Entrusted Us with the "Total Responsibility " to Take Total Care of it  in a " Total Responsible Way " – that We Totally Screwed Up In a Irresponsible Way NO, "GOD" Knows that It's All About Our Fingers Toes – Because It Plainly Shows it's Works ..  


  Again, there is No Excuse for our Abuse of the Lack of Responsibility, Simply BecauseIt Is What It Is  without Care and Thought to the Failure to Act Responsibly  So, Set Aside the Evil of the  Fingers and Toes of our Enemy of Foes, – We are All Guilty to a Certain Degree of the Status Quo that GOD Knows our Degree, – but again, in case missed Opening it the 1st Time –Given the Fact that GOD Hates Evil Evil Cannot be Forgiven – to ANY Degree. –



 Here's a little Divine/Scientific History about our Planet Earth and How It and We All Came About. Atheist of NaughtYes, Darwin was Correct with the Assertion of His Theory of Evolution, But He also Believed that GOD was the Ultimate Lawgiver, and later Recollected that at the Time He  was Convinced of the Existence of GOD as a First Cause – He Deserved to be called a TheistHe also said that He has Never Denied the Existence of GOD – and Further went on to say that He thought that His Theory of Evolution was Fully Compatible with Faith in  GOD!


•  So, at the Distance of (93,000,000 miles) or (150,000,000 kmfrom the Surface of the Sun – It only takes 8 Minutes and 17 Seconds Traveling at the Speed of Light – 186,282 M/P/S to Reach  the  Photosynthesis Surface of our very own Awe-Inspiring Planet Earth Thus, Giving Darwin's DNA''s Theory of Evolution's Natural Selection it's well Deserved Credibility. Darwin's Theory of Evolution is the basic idea that all the Different Species have Evolved from Simple Life Forms – from the Birth of our Earth

 You see, GOD Created Us of, We, the Human Species in HIS Own Image with a Heart, Brain and Soul to be able to Control and Choose Our Own Destinies of How We Can Live Our Lives Between Right From Wrong and Good from Bad – Hopefully Far Away from where Evil could be Had in this Ongoing War between GOD and HIS Nemesis of the Devil – The Prophecy - Full Movie –The Prophecy Full Movie - YouTube  So there You Go – to this extent, Now You Know the Moral to this Positive Story.



Only God Knows about your Finger Toes

As a ruleWe are No Longer in Control of our Souls as to the Fingers and Toes that this Essay Knows that We are Living in a Dangerous World of Chaos where the Rule of Evil Prevails from GOOD to Bad to where Evil Has Been Had that Affects the Well-Being of Humanity and the Peril of our Planet Earth's very Survival – Again, because of the Evil Fingers and Toes that Continues to Grow Out of Control !!!


•  Now, Keep in Mind that as a Punishment for Lucifer's Disobedience and the Grave Dishonoring of His Angelic Post, GOD Cast Lucifer Out of Heaven as Satan, the Devil by Hurling Him and His Wicked Army of Demon Fallen Angels to Earth 

( – (;) (

and Condemning Them Ulternately to Hell ( – So in the meantime – They'll Continue To Do Their Havoc on Our Planet Earth – while You're Reading on through GOD"S Mathematics,


 So Why is it so Convoluted if it's Elementary for the answer to Mankinds Misguided Thinking that brings about the Five  Fingers of the Partition of Evil Thinking that Shakes  Hands under the Devil’s Command of #1 Moneyof #Powerof # 3-Greedof #4  Ignorance and of #5 Hate that Propagates the other #5 Five  Fingers on the Other  Hand into #6 Confrontations, #7 Conflicts, #8 Violence, #9 Pain, and #10 Suffering – My Dear Watson of Sherlock Holmes Good Friend?


•  Albert Einstein once quoted that, “An Education is what Remains after One has Forgotten Everything that One has Learned in Schoolin other words, in my Interpretation of the Same is that, – “It doesnt make any Difference whether you have a High School or a Doctors Degree, because (In The End) – it doesnt mean Shit to GOD, but (What Does Matter) – is whether youve (Chosen)  to Live your Life as a (Good Person) through the (Integrity of Truth) of Who  Were to the Ultimate Degree, Because Ultimately, that is your (Passing Degree that Matters) on your (Way to Judgment Day), – Because Ultimately Again, GOD (Knows If or Whether Youve been Living by Way of your Fingers and Toes)”. 

Mark 10:25

It is Easier for a Camel to Go Through the Eye of a Needle than for a Rich Person to Enter the Kingdom of GOD.”

Matthew 19:24

Again I tell you, it is Easier for a Camel To Go Through the Eye of a Needle than for a Rich Person to Enter the Kingdom of GOD.”

Luke 18:25

For it is Easier for a Camel to Go Through the Eye of a Needle than for a Rich Person to Enter the kingdom of GOD.”




• The Answer and Solution is Found in Thy kingdom Come.” – Till Kingdom Come? ( of The  Kingdom of GOD, under the Direction of JESUS CHRIST, who must Come and Save The Out of Control Man from Himself. – But what about our Planet  Earth and all of the other Living  Species on it that GOD Created to Live as Nature Intended, but if Blatantly Guilty of Your Careless Behavior Towards it's Welfare is True to Your Fingers and  Toes Then all I can say is that GOD Knows Who are, but  May Never Know or be able to FINGER it OUT of what this Essay is or was All About in Time to Explain it to the LORD Yourself before HE has to Explain it back toin Person On "Judgement  Day"

Earth-gets-hotter,deadlier-during-decades-of-climate-talks | World News |


Greta Thunberg;

GOD'S Guardian Angel of Truth to Consequences

United Nations Climate change refers to long-term shifts in temperatures and weather patterns, mainly caused by human activities, especially the burning of fossil fuels.


GOLDENE KAMERA award speech of Greta Thunberg

Greta Thunberg -

Greta Thunberg's Full Keynote Speech at Youth

4Climate Pre-COP26 | Doha Debates

               Greta Thunberg's Full Keynote Speech at Youth 4 Climate Pre-                                       cops 26 - Doha Debates                   

#NatureNow message from Greta Thunberg.-

Greta Thunberg on Averting a Climate Apocalypse | DAVOS


Greta; Climate change refers to long-term shifts in temperatures and weather patterns, mainly caused by human activities, especially the burning of fossil fuels.



 Again, so Goes from the Double 5 Five  Fingers to the Trouble 10  Toes of Evil, 20 Times where Evil Combines with what GOD Hates most through to#1 – of the Proud and Arrogant#2  of the Deceitful Hypocrites#3 – The Disguise of Haughty Eyes#4  – All thats Among the Lying Tongues, #5 – of the Violence against the Innocence#6 – of Evil Planning#7 of the Quick To Do Evil #8 – of the False Witness Against Thy Neighbor in other words #9  – of which I Despise Worst of All are of the Those False Prophets that Profits from Using the Lords Name in Vain for Selfish Gain at the Expenseof the Innocence. – And Oh Yah, the Worst of the Worst Sins are of the #10 –to be Aware of the Foe's that Stubs your Toe's into Becoming one of them as a Participating Radical Right Extremist of  Gangs that Hangs with the ’Devil's  Brigade, as in Some of the Groups better known as theNazisWhite Supremacist, the Proud Boys, the Boogaloo Bois, Antifa, the Obedient Sycophants Kowtows at Fox News, the Ku-Klux-Klans-Men, the Nationalist Militia Wolverine Watchmen Groups, QAnon, the Three Percenters, and Embarrassingly Enough as would be with the GOPs Endorsements. – These are of the Mindless  Minions of the Devil’s  Sin-ions of Good-for-Nothing-Forsaker-Haters of RIGHT from Wrong and GOOD from Bad to where Evil has been Had on the Level with the Devil's/ Behavior against our SAVIOR where its Solution has been Nothing but a Calamity of Confusion.



• According to the Bibles  Scriptures– It is Indeed Distinctively Obvious that the Signs of our Times are Clearly Marked All Around us thatjust as been Written, Told and Described in the Bible  and all we Need to do is to Use our Commonsense with an Open Mind, Open Eyes, Open Hearts, and then Pay Attention and it's as Easy as 1-2-3 to See and Believe it Anyplace and Everywhere that you Go or RomeAgain, it's not a Matter of If, but's it is a Matter of WhenIt's Going to Happen I Believe in MY LIFE TIME and I'm 77 years old, but other than my Hard  Drive Getting Low on Memory – I Don't Look, Feel, Think and or Act Like it  in Any Way Shape or Form – Knock-Knock on   Wood.


 There is only One Way to Describe the Cataclysmic Fiasco that We are Living in and with Today – and that is Undeniably True to this Essay and it Starts out to where GOD'S 10  Commandments – Not only not Accounted for, but Ignored from the Beginning, – But even so, it wouldn't have Counted anyway without your, Because the Math Just Doesn't Add Up to Being Saved  with out it. 


"Look, in Closing,   can add your Math Any Way  Choose to,

 but if  Don't Add it up Right and or Correctly, 

  Well then, Are Going to Solemnly-Regretfully and or Sadly Lose 

    at  and that Is FINAL! FINAL! FINAL !" 

 Mainly, to All 

                                                                                 of      Heartless   5     Finger

  Haughty Naughty ––– Mindless Minions 

 Out There that just Doesn't Care,

   I must Say tothat 


     have Chosen your Fate  Way too Late to Escape from,



       Should have Learned Your Math by,


       Not Apart of Evil




The Second Coming of CHRIST (2018)

Full Movie | Jason London|Tom Sizemore|Sally Kirkland|Al Sapienza



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  Don Lee, Johnson